How to make a candy stick vase

Giving handmade gifts is a great way to save money during the holidays, and you don’t need to worry about your gifts looking “cheap.” This sweet and simple vase made of candy sticks will charm your friends without breaking the bank.

Step 1: Gather supplies

Before getting started you’ll want to decide how many vases you’re going to make. If you plan on giving vases to your kids’ teachers, coaches, playdate moms and other acquaintances, you may want to consider buying candy sticks in bulk to save money. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Aluminum cans — 1 per vase, approximately the same height as the candy sticks
  • Individually wrapped old-fashioned candy sticks — you’ll need enough candy to completely cover the outside of each can
  • 1-2 inch wide ribbon — enough to tie a bow around each of your vases. Holiday colors or themes work best.
  • Double-sided foam mounting tape — enough to wrap around each vase two or three times
  • Plastic cups — sized to fit within each aluminum can

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Step 2: Tape it up

Wrap two to three circles of foam mounting tape around each aluminum can. Make sure the tape sticks to the can and is pulled nice and tight. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, peel the outer plastic wrapping off the mounting tape to expose the sticky side. You’ll adhere the candy sticks to this tape.

Step 3: Sweeten the deal

One by one, adhere the wrapped candy sticks vertically to the outside of the can. Make sure you place each piece immediately beside the previously placed piece to ensure complete coverage of the exposed tape. While you can choose any color candy sticks you like, consider using green, red or white striped varieties to give the vase a holiday vibe. Or, if you’re giving gifts to teachers or coaches, decorate the cans with candy sticks in the colors of the school or team. This will make the gift seem more personal and special.

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Step 4: Wrap it up

Finish the vase by wrapping a band of ribbon around its center and tying a bow. While wide ribbon in silvers and golds will create a classy vibe, you could also wrap several loops of thin ribbon around the vase before tying a knot and curling the ends for a festive flair.

Step 5: Finishing touches

If you plan on using fresh foliage, make sure you place a plastic cup inside the can so that you can put water into the cup. Fill the can with flowers or plants. As an alternative, you could fill the vase with holiday cookies in a fun cookie bouquet.

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