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Ingredients for homemade taste

Just about everything tastes better homemade. After working and running errands day after day, though, ordering in a pizza seems pretty tempting. You can have the best of both worlds: Just add a few tasty ingredients to your quick dishes to make them taste like you put hours of love into them. Here’s how to get that homemade taste without the homemade time.

homemade biscuits cooking

Cream of mushroom soup

Move over, chicken noodle: This is the most versatile soup in the pantry. You can eat it on its own or pour it over chicken for a nice, flavorful gravy. Mix it into mashed potatoes to give your spuds a bit more depth and pizazz. Its creamy, savory texture makes it the homestyle chameleon of your cabinet.

Packaged breads

Adding a can of packaged buns, rolls or biscuits to ordinary dishes makes for hearty, filling family meals. Try placing biscuits on top of your favorite casserole and baking them until golden brown; this gives you an instant side dish


Pesto is a signature Italian creation, and you can put it on just about anything. Get the right jarred pesto, and the possibilities are endless. Add it to sandwiches, soup, pasta and more for some zest in an otherwise mundane meal.


You can use eggs in just about anything. Adding scrambled eggs to any meal is a protein-packed way to put a dash of quick, homemade flavor in pasta, casseroles and more. Plus, scrambled eggs take only about seven minutes on a stovetop.

Frozen hash browns

Nothing is quite like waking up early on a Sunday and having your grandmother cook you a full breakfast of homemade eggs, bacon and hash browns. Buying the tasty potatoes in the frozen food aisle isn’t a sin, though. In fact, it will save you a considerable amount of time. Eat them alone, or use them in Southern-inspired meals. When it comes to potatoes, the variations are plentiful. These might just be the tastiest of them all.

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