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Weird food from around the world

Are you fascinated by the delicacies people in other countries eat? Keep reading! We’ve gathered five of the strangest food items from around the world to spook you out as Halloween approaches.

If you’re not adventurous with food, be warned. You might not want to read about these totally different food items that people from around the world eat. On second thought, some of these might help you stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to your holiday diet.

1Casu Marzu

It sounds harmless, right? Well, we suppose it is… if you don’t mind insect larvae. Casu Marzu is an Italian sheep milk cheese that is more or less rotten beyond belief. Piophila casei, commonly known as the cheese fly (no, we didn’t make that up), are introduced to the cheese. They then break down the fat, and part of the cheese actually liquefies. It gets worse. The worms, which are one-third of an inch long and translucent white, can “jump” up to six inches when they are disturbed. Some people push them aside when consuming the cheese — and others eat them. Shudder.

Photo credit: Shardan
Casu Marzu


Balut is an egg, but it’s not just any egg. Hold onto your stomach, because balut is a fertilized duck embryo that was boiled alive. Balut connoisseurs eat the, um, food directly out of the shell with toppings such as salt, garlic and vinegar. This high protein food is commonly found in the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Perhaps slightly more concerning than the food itself is the fact that it is kept at (warm) outdoor temperatures for many, many days.

Photo credit: Marshall Astor

3Sheep’s head

One of the biggest complaints about sheep’s head is the smell, but we think the mere vision of an actual whole and complete cooked sheep’s head on a plate might trump the stench. The traditional Norwegian dish literally consists of an entire sheep’s head, although the brains are removed more often than not for safety. Remaining: eyeballs, tongue, ears, teeth and everything else that makes up the animal’s head. Eat up!

Photo credit: PerPlex
Sheep's head


While some species of these fish that can ingest large amounts of water to expand their bodies are a delicacy in Japan, they are deadly. So deadly, in fact, that chefs who handle fugu (the Japanese name) must train for years to learn how to properly prepare the meal. One wrong cut and it’s over for the customer — literally. Pufferfish contain tetrodotoxin, and a single fish has enough to kill 30 people. Now that’s scary!


5Rooster testicles

If a scoop of Schweddy Balls is a little too tame for you, you should try the real thing… sort of. Rooster testicles are a treat in Taiwan. Perhaps the scariest part of this snack is the way it’s described: Rooster testicles have thin veins, a sausage-like skin and a soft, tofu-like interior. They’re generally boiled and served plain. And you thought Halloween was frightening!

Photo credit: perhapstoopink
Rooster testicles

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