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Fun ways to decorate a haunted gingerbread house

One of the biggest trends this Halloween isn’t in the costume department or on your front lawn. In fact, the hottest thing to do on All Hallow’s Eve doesn’t even involve a pumpkin but rather something typically reserved for Santa– gingerbread. Haunted gingerbread houses are all the rage this year and I’ve got some fun, cheap and easy ways you and your family can haunt up your gingerbread house!

Haunted gingerbread house

The key to a fabulously haunted gingerbread house is to make it your own by adding fun accessories, colors and props to really spook it up! To begin, buy a haunted house kit and assemble as instructed by the box. If you’d prefer to make your own gingerbread, follow this easy recipe! Once it’s assembled, it’s time to pick a theme for your gingerbread house. Do you want it to be cute (like above) with adorable ghosts and pumpkins? Or would you prefer a house of horrors with severed limbs and lots of blood? Whichever you choose, leave the generic candies and props they provide you with in the box and make your own little ghouls instead!

1Mini marshmallow ghosts

To make these adorable little ghosts, you can either go the homemade route or the semi-homemade route. To make your own ghosts, follow this easy recipe for homemade marshmallows. To give them the ghost shape, use this mini ghost mold. If you don’t have the time to make your own marshmallows, go the semi-homemade route. Purchase ghost shaped marshmallows (by Jet-Puffed) and black icing gel. Using the gel, make two small dots for eyes and one larger dot for a mouth. Chill for 30 minutes to let the gel dry.

Mini marshmallow ghosts

2Spooky tombstones

These tombstones are one of the easiest ways to spook up your haunted house. All you need is a box of Milano cookies and black icing gel. On the top of the Milano cookie, use the black gel to write RIP (or whatever message you’d prefer) and let chill so the gel can set. To create a haunted graveyard, set up these tombstones into chocolate pudding with crumbled Oreo cookies on top and add a mini ghost.

Spooky tombstones

3Zombie gingerbread men

There’s no better way to decorate a house of horrors themed gingerbread house than with zombie gingerbread men. Creating these “back from the dead” little zombies is where you can really get creative and make your house stand out! To make gingerbread men, follow this easy, step by step recipe. Turning them into zombies is easy. Using red colored icing, paint their mouths so it looks like they are oozing blood. Or, remove a few limbs and paint those “severed stumps” with food dye. Paint x’s over their eyes with black food gel so they appear dead or use green gumdrops to give them eerie evil eyes. The sky is the limit!

Zombie gingerbread men

4Use Halloween props and candy

If you are really short on time (your daughter’s tutu isn’t going to sew itself), use your favorite Halloween candy to quickly decorate your house. Buy the Reese’s peanut butter cup pumpkins, the Hershey’s chocolate ghosts, candy corn and orange and black colored M & M’s for easy ways to spruce up the gingerbread. Plastic spiders and eyeballs make a great addition to any gingerbread manor as well — plus no assembly (or calorie consumption) required!

Use Halloween props and candy

Now the only problem is not eating the entire house in one sitting after you’ve spent a few hours meticulously assembling it!

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