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Lettuce recall: More listeria in your fruits and veggies

Listeria hit the cantaloupe first. Now, it’s the lettuce. A multi-state lettuce recall was issued from a lettuce grower in California because of listeria contamination. Find out how large the recall is and whether you need to toss those greens in your fridge.


True Leaf Farms of Salinas, California, has issued a recall of lettuce that could contain listeria. Hot on the heels of the major listeria contamination in cantaloupe, this latest fresh food recall has some consumers worried.

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The good news is that there have been no reports of listeria infections as a result of eating the lettuce — at least not so far. In fact, officials only found listeria in one bag of lettuce from True Leaf Farms. However, the recall encompassed 33,000 pounds of lettuce, according to CBS News.

Those 33,000 pounds translate into 2,500 cartons of lettuce. Of those, only 90 cartons were available for retail sale. The remaining cartons were sold to restaurants and cafeterias. Those buyers were notified of the lettuce recall.

Worried your lettuce might be part of the recall because of listeria concerns? Here’s what you need to know:

  • The lettuce is chopped and bagged
  • The lettuce was grown in Watsonville and processed in San Juan Bautista
  • It was shipped on Sept. 12 and Sept. 13
  • The “use by” date was Sept. 29
  • The code on the bag is B256-46438-8

The good news is that you should no longer have the lettuce in your fridge because it has already expired. Also, no illnesses have been reported as a result of consuming the lettuce. The bad news, as we learned with the cantaloupe recall, is that listeria can have a long incubation period.

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If you do have the lettuce included in the recall in your possession, immediately dispose of it. Furthermore, keep an eye out for any new information about — or expansions of — this lettuce recall because of listeria.

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