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Throw a chocolate themed party

If you’re throwing a party, it can be difficult to find a theme that will please everyone. A chocolate-themed party is guaranteed to delight even the toughest crowd. And the best part is, it’s easier than pie!

Woman having chocolate cake at party


You’ll need chocolate-themed invitations to start. If you’re hand-delivering them, buy chocolate bars and remove the wrappers to replace with your own. Fake chocolate bars also work if you plan on mailing them. At your local hardware store, buy several pieces of mostly flat baseboard and cut into pieces about the size of a candy bar (most hardware stores will cut them for you). Wrap them in aluminum foil.

Create invitations on your computer that will fit over the foil like a candy bar wrapper. The dimensions should be about 5 x 5 inches, and your invitation should resemble a chocolate bar wrapper when it’s wrapped around the chocolate bar or baseboard. Try an online template if you need help. Wrap your invitation around your real or faux bar and affix with light glue or tape.

2Chocolate treats

Chocolate gives you a lot of flexibility for food options. Set up a table with a multitude of chocolate candies and other treats. Buy or rent a chocolate fountain to use as a centerpiece and serve a variety of fruits, marshmallows and snacks to go with it.

You can also make a platter of various chocolate bites and truffles for your guests to sample. Serve foods people don’t expect! Fry up crispy bacon or set out potato chips for your chocolate fountain. Buy a handful of exotic chocolate treats like chocolate-covered grasshoppers or squid.

3Chocolate drinks

Don’t forget the drinks! Create a second table with chocolate drink options. Offer several coffee flavors and a blender so guests can make their own coffee or milkshake concoctions using a variety of chocolates, fruits and ice creams. If the do-it-yourself option seems like too much, try one of these great dark chocolate theme drinks.

4Party games & activities

You should have at least one organized activity about halfway through. This will accelerate mingling just as it usually starts to die down. Hold chocolate-tasting contests or a wine and chocolate pairing to let guests decide their favorite combination. You can also play chocolate-themed trivia by asking your guests if they know certain fun facts about chocolate (which you can research online). As the host, you get to play Alex Trebek!

5Party favors

Send each guest home with a box of high-quality chocolates. If you served a theme drink, write the recipe on an index card and place it inside each box. If it’s a small enough party, you may even have time to sneak away to write personalized thank you notes.

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