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Labor Day: 5 Festive potato salad recipes

Labor Day weekend is here and is the last big hurrah of the summer season. Are you getting together for a BBQ with family and friends? Make it an event worth gathering for by serving a potato salad slightly out of your comfort zone, but still full of flavor!

Ditch the deli potato salad you may be tempted to pick up on your way to a Labor Day weekend picnic. Try something different (and easy) for the summer’s last big holiday weekend. Potato salad is easy to make and almost expected at any picnic or barbecue. Try one of the options below — we’ve even included a classic-style potato salad recipe for those who want to stay true to tradition!

1German potato salad with mustard and scallions

This potato salad is served warm and has a bit of a tangy taste. Perfect as a side dish for city slicker bratwurst!

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2Green bean and potato salad

If green beans seem to be sprouting up all around you this time of year, you can include them in this perfect potato salad made from the crunchy green veggie. This will be a great pairing for spinach and cheese-stuffed tomatoes.

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Green bean and potato salad

3Three-step Thai sweet potato salad

Definitely out-of-the-ordinary, sweet potatoes are used in this Thai style salad. The sweetness will match up well when served with tangy Thai-style chicken wings.

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Three-step Thai sweet potato salad

4Golden potato salad

Who doesn’t love the classics? This traditional style potato salad is easy and might bring back some fun memories of picnics past! Try grilled Portobello mushroom burgers or blue cheese burgers as a main dish.

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Golden potato salad

5Potato salad with fresh herbs and lemon

Light and healthier than many heavy potato salads, this one won’t weigh you down. It makes a great side for lemon grilled salmon or tuna burgers.

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Potato salad with fresh herbs and lemon

It’s time to celebrate the end of the summer season. Go out in style with these tasty and different potato salad recipes!

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