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Menu ideas for a Beyoncé-style pregnancy reveal

Now we all really know why Beyoncé is smiling from ear to ear, thanks to her recent pregnancy announcement at the MTV VMA’s. Revealing your baby bump after a showstopping performance may be unrealistic for most people, but you can still spice up your reveal by getting creative in the kitchen.

Mini pies to announce pregnancy

Beyoncé’s recent pregnancy reveal left more than Jay Z with a dropped jaw. Fans were thrilled to be privy to such information from Beyoncé herself instead of finding out via the magazine rack. The shock value came from both the combination of how she chose to do it and the fact that she was even able to keep it a secret. While not everyone can show off their bump to a crowd of millions, you can still catch your friends and family off guard by planning a creative reveal of your own.

Beyonce VMA - pregnancy announcementA unique reveal can be cultivated easily with a trip to your kitchen. Plan on sharing your big announcement during date night or at your next dinner party.

Here are some fun ideas that will leave your husband grinning and your guests thrilled.

1Baby themed menu

Create a baby themed menu using foods like baby carrots, baby back ribs, baby corn, buns in the oven, etc. Type a menu using child-like font and pastel colors and place at each setting.

2Make your own labels

Create your own wine or beer labels. Use wording like Lovingly Brewed by your name and your husband’s name, and use the baby’s due date as the vintage date. For wine, say something like Aged Lovingly for nine months.


Serve drinks in baby bottles or sippy cups.

4bunBaked goods

Bake a cake or cupcakes and decorate them with a plus sign signifying a positive pregnancy test. When you are ready to announce the sex, use the same method but use either blue or pink cake. Your friends and family will find out the secret when they take their first bite.


Create a tray of strange food pairings such as chocolate dipped pickles and label it “Future Cravings.”

6Go small

Create mini-versions of your favorite foods. Anything from sliders to little pies, and then make a comment that you need to get used to making “baby food.”

7Baby food varietyPlateware

Serve dinner on a child’s plate with divided sections.

8Place settings

Place a bib at each place setting or use pacifiers as napkin rings.


Serve a meal of pureed food and let your friends know that you are trying to get some practice.

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How did you (or will you) announce your pregnancy?

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