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Satisfying snack ideas

If you’re a do-it-all mom who’s prone to mid-morning or afternoon slumps, then you need to learn the right way to snack. Sure, you’ll get an instant lift from that sweet, sugary treat, but you’re likely to crash even harder when the high wears off. Junk foods will not help you make it through the day. Instead, choose wisely by opting for one of these truly satisfying snacks.

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Just one handful of healthy, calorie-smart almonds will calm your other cravings. These super nuts boast heart-healthy fats, vitamin E and minerals to help you maintain lean muscle tissue and fight heart disease and cancer. Keep your almonds pure, and skip the roasted and smoked nuts that are high in sodium.

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Versatile yogurt is powerful enough to fight fat, build strong bones and teeth, protect your heart and calm your colon. Forget about calcium supplements, and choose tasty, filling yogurt instead. Read labels carefully and opt for low-fat or Greek-style yogurts.

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Plain air-popped popcorn is naturally nutritious, but sometimes it’s just not very satisfying. If it’s too bland for you, jazz it up with a bit of olive oil, some spices or dried herbs, or even some powdered cocoa. By all means, avoid movie-style popcorn — the equivalent of eating butter sticks.

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4Chips & salsa

Sometimes, you just crave salty, crunchy chips — too bad they’re so greasy and fattening. You can satisfy your craving without all the fat and empty calories, though, with some whole-grain chips and organic salsa. You’ll enjoy the wonderful crunchy texture of the chips and get a kick of flavor — and a serving of vegetables — with every serving of salsa.

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Perfectly sized 100-calorie bars really hit the spot at about 3:00 in the afternoon. The darker, the better: Dark chocolates boast antioxidants that help lower blood pressure and fight chronic diseases.

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Sometimes, we’re not as hungry as we are thirsty. Anytime you feel dry, reach first for a tall glass of water. Follow that with a glass of 100-percent fruit juice or a can of vegetable juice. Each glass provides one full serving of those important nutrients our bodies don’t always get at mealtime.

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