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Healthy foods to improve your sexual health

A candlelit dinner, swoon music, wine and chocolates make a delicious recipe for a romantic evening, but too much wine and too many chocolates can actually put a damper on what could be a dynamite date. Keep the alcohol and sugar to a minimum and serve these sex-enhancing foods.

Sexy woman eating nuts

1AvocadoWild salmon

Salmon is high in omega-3s, which can improve your circulation, and it has succulent rich-flavored flesh. The better your circulation, the more sexually responsive you will be. In addition, omega-3s will improve your mood — another factor in lifting your libido.


A well-known aphrodisiac, avocados are rich in heart-healthy fats, that boost circulation, and vitamin B6, which can ward off stress, irritability, and other negative emotions that can decelerate your sex drive.


Loaded with protein, fiber, good for you fats and other health-promoting nutrients, nuts can improve your heart-health, increase your circulation, and boost your brain health, which will raise your mental alertness to put you in the mood.

4Chile pepperCantaloupe

Juicy foods are naturally arousing, yet even more so when they are pumped with vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients that get your blood flowing. Along with being sweet on the tongue, cantaloupe contains vitamin A, which is a key nutrient in reproductive health and can help increase testosterone levels in men. The potassium in cantaloupe can also bolster thyroid function in women, which is related to the female sex drive.

5Hot chilies

Aptly named, hot peppers contain capsaicin, an oil that boosts blood flow and makes you more sexually responsive. In addition, when you eat peppers, the burning you feel in your mouth releases endorphins and makes you more sexually aroused.

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