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5 Fun finger foods for teens

When your teens come home from school, they usually have one thing on their minds: Food. You want to stock your kitchen with snacks that are easy to grab, but you also want to avoid unhealthy, prepackaged, salty or sugary treats. Here are five fun and healthy finger foods your hungry teens will devour.

Teens eating pizza


Get out your pizza cutter and slice a round pie into small, square pieces for easy snacking. Or buy bite-size pizza snacks your teens can pop into the toaster or microwave for an easy, cheesy snack. Go for veggie toppings to boost the nutrition of this fun snack idea.

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Protein-rich hummus is a creamy and delicious choice for snack time. Serve hummus with crunchy carrot and celery sticks or pita chips, and your teens will be all fueled up for sports practice, homework or just hanging out with friends. If you want to use hummus as more than just a dip, Sabra has compiled some creative hummus recipes including Hummus Deviled Eggs, Hummus Garlic Bread and Hummus Cucumber Cups.

3Mini sandwiches

Downsize any sandwich into a slider for instant fun. Your teens will love digging in to BLT sliders, mini-bagels and cream cheese, or tiny turkey sammies. Plus, serving sandwiches in small sizes will give teens the energy boost they need without spoiling their appetites at dinnertime. If friends are coming over, make up a tray with an assortment of mini-sandwiches. Be prepared: Your house just might become the new after-school hangout.


Sushi is a delicious and super-nutritious finger food option. If sushi is new to your teens, start with California rolls, which typically include rice, cooked crabmeat and vegetables wrapped in dried seaweed. California rolls can be found in the refrigerated section of most grocery store delis.

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5Fruit kabobs

Any food seems more appealing when it’s on a skewer. Grab some bamboo sticks and spear an assortment of fruits — melon, pineapple, berries and grapes work well – for an easy go-to snack. Your teen can open the fridge and grab a fruit kabob when she needs a refreshing pick-me-up.

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