4 Ways to serve green beans

Green beans are the key ingredient in many dinnertime sides, holiday casseroles and summer salads. They are relatively easy to grow and are available year-round. Pair them with a number of flavors, or eat them raw, plucked right off the vine. Here are four great ways to serve green beans.

Green bean casserole

First, a few facts & tips

  • Green beans are free of fat, sodium and cholesterol.
  • They are low in calories and high in fiber.
  • They are a great source of potassium and Vitamins A and C.
  • They store well in the refrigerator when kept in a plastic bag or sealed in a reusable container, so they’re easy to keep on hand for a quick vegetable dish.
  • Before cooking, wash the beans in cool water and trim the ends.


Fry for flavor.

Though they’re great raw, green beans can be prepared in a variety of ways. Boiling, steaming and microwaving are probably the most popular, but stir-frying is one of the best. This quick-heating method preserves the quality and flavor of the vegetable.

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2Take the classic casserole approach.

Though they are available year-round, October is peak season for green beans. It’s no wonder that green beans lead the pack as the go-to casserole ingredient.

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3Customize as a side.

Serve green beans with your favorite sauces and spices to complement any meal. Melt herbed margarine over green beans and pair with grilled steak. Green beans almondine is a great side with roast chicken. Take a more old-fashioned approach and cook them with onions, potatoes and bacon all afternoon, then serve with a pork roast for a Sunday meal with the family.

4Serve as a substitute.

Use green beans as a recipe substitute to boost fiber and lower fat and carbohydrates. For example, replace prepared chili beans in sauce with green beans in your favorite chili recipe for a different take on this cold-weather dish. Substitute partially or completely for potatoes in stews. Get creative: Green beans do well in an array of different flavors and preparation methods.

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