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Top 10 Wildest burger ingredients

When it comes to hamburgers, some think the wilder, the better. You may want to give these unusual burgers a try. Then again, you may not. Either way, you’re sure to be amused by these ten wild and crazy hamburgers

Peanut Butter and Banana


Peanut Butter and Banana

We all know Elvis loved his peanut butter and banana sandwiches, but the Elvis Burger puts a whole new spin on the King’s favorite sandwich. If you want to try this salty and sweet burger at home, check out the recipe here.

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Mac 'N Cheese burger


Mac ‘N Cheese

Here’s one the kids will love – the Mac ‘N Cheeseburger. Found at Dillon’s Irish Pub & Grill in Hollywood, CA, this monstrosity of a burger is generously smothered with mac ‘n cheese that spills out of the bun and on to the plate. Extra napkins, please.

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Sushi burger



We can’t make this stuff up. The Sushi Burger includes the usual sushi ingredients – wasabi, lettuce, and special sauce – and the burger is sandwiched in between two rice patties. You’ll have to travel to Australia for this one – it’s on the menu at the Japanese Café Restaurant in Melbourne.

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Glazed Doughnut burger


Glazed Doughnut

Little Griddle, a San Francisco restaurant, has a hamburger on its menu called The Lucifer. This little devil is a bacon cheeseburger inside a glazed donut “bun.” Yowza. This mouthwatering creation would be easy to create in your own kitchen. It just might require a stop to Krispy Kreme.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

That’s right. We said grilled cheese sandwiches. As an ingredient. In a hamburger. This bad boy features three grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns – with bacon added, of course. The name of this hamburger creation? The Double Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt (make your own).

Beer burger



We all know burgers and beer are best friends. But did you know beer added to hamburger meat makes for an extra juicy patty? This Beer Burger recipe calls for ¼ cup of beer, so use your favorite bottled brew, and sip the rest while grilling. Who doesn’t like an excuse to crack open a can?

Spam burger



If you’re into precooked meat in a tin, this one’s for you. This homemade Spam Burger recipe features broiled slices of spam between a hamburger bun and loaded with your favorite toppings. This may not be the best-tasting burger, but it gets big points for originality.

Jam burger


Peach Jam

If you serve peach jam on your hamburger, does that make it a “jamburger?” Sweet fruit jam is a bit unusual for a hamburger ingredient, but it actually works well when combined with a salty ingredient like cheese or bacon. In fact, whip up one of these quick microwave jam recipes to cap it all off.

Walnut burer



Is it a burger if it’s only meat is nutmeat? Fans of the Walnut Burger will argue that it is indeed a burger – and a darn good one. First sold as a restaurant item at the Historic Trempealeau Hotel in Wisconsin, these popular Walnut Burgers are now available online at

Coffee burger



Caffeine fiends will love to know about the existence of the Coffee Burger. A quick search will give you several recipes for Coffee Burgers, like this one — hamburgers coated in ground coffee or espresso mixed with breadcrumbs and various spices. It’s time to get your buzz on.

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