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Skip the cold cuts

Stuck in a cold cut rut? Tired of turkey? Skip the lunchmeats and opt for these healthy and delicious lunches for your busy family.

Homemade burrito


You don’t have to visit your favorite Mexican joint for a tasty burrito. Make this quick version for a weekday lunch when you’re in a hurry. Simply wrap your favorite ingredients in a whole-wheat tortilla and zap it in the microwave. Try it with low-fat refried or black beans, shredded cheddar cheese and salsa. Dice up that extra chicken from last night’s dinner for extra flavor and protein. Packed with flavor, protein and fiber, this speedy lunch burrito will keep your family full all the way to dinner.


Omelets aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Less than five minutes in the pan with eggs, veggies and cheese, and your healthy and quick lunch is ready. Add a sprinkle of your favorite seasoning to two eggs (per omelet) and add your favorite diced vegetables or meat. Sprinkle in some leftover bacon. Serve with salsa for a fiesta flair. This is the perfect lunch for mixing in leftovers and keeping the family happy when you’re pressed for time.

3Pizza pie pockets

Get ready for the excitement when you tell the kids they can have pizza for lunch — and in less than five minutes. Fill a whole-wheat pita with pizza sauce, shredded cheese, diced chicken or pepperoni and veggies; warm it in the microwave and serve. Simple is key for this pizza pocket. Add a dash of barbecue sauce or even teriyaki for a flavor twist.

If the kids are asking for dessert, too, make a cinnamon apple dessert pizza pocket with sliced apples, cinnamon and sugar warmed in a whole-wheat pita. The possibilities are endless for these pizza pies.

4Chicken sliders

Trick the kids into thinking they’re in line at their favorite fast-food joint with Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches. Ready in seconds and full of flavor, they’re a perfect lunch for your busy family. Let the kids dip them in honey mustard, ketchup or other condiments. Pair with veggies and hummus for a filling and delicious meal.

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