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6 Portable dinner ideas

If you’re often on the go during dinnertime, skip the fast food line and opt for these portable dinner ideas instead. You’ll you’ll feel better about these healthy, family-pleasing meals that don’t sacrifice flavor or nutrition in the name of convenience.

Wrap sandwiches

1Chicken apple salad

Salads are easy to take and eat on the run with the help of an airtight container. Save leftover grilled chicken for an easy-to-make chicken apple salad: Simply add diced chicken, chopped apples, almonds and shredded cheese to your favorite greens, drizzle with your family’s favorite dressing, and your healthy meal is ready to ride. Pair with a whole-wheat baguette or extra piece of fruit to stay full all evening long.

For kid-approved salads, add sweet raisins or make a fruit salad with their favorite sliced fruits and top with low-fat yogurt.


Grab sliders for dinner without hitting up the fast-food joint with Tyson’s Mini Chicken Sandwiches. Ready to go in seconds, the whole family will love these protein packed mini sandwiches. Pair with a banana, apple slices or baby carrots for a well-rounded meal on the go. We’re warning you though: This combo may become your family’s favorite go-to dinner.


Wrap virtually anything in these fiber-packed whole-wheat wraps for a family-approved dinnertime idea. From refried beans and diced chicken to scrambled eggs and salsa, you’ll be out the door in seconds without worrying about waiting in line for dinner.

Trying to add more veggies to your family’s meals? Add diced veggies and hummus to a tortilla wrap for a simple yet flavorful wrap. If the kids are craving something sweet, spread peanut butter on the whole-wheat wrap and top with granola and diced bananas for a healthy and tasty portable meal.

4Pasta cups

Pasta doesn’t have to be a sit-down meal. Combine your favorite pasta (we love penne) with shredded cheese, diced chicken or shrimp, and a dash of olive oil, and you’re out the door.

Fill airtight containers with your favorite pasta dishes for the perfect picnic-ready dinner. If you love caprese salad, skewer diced tomatoes, mini mozzarella balls and basil leaves onto bamboo skewers for quick grabbing when you’re on the run.

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