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6 Quick, portable hot snacks


It’s an eat-and-run world out there, but finding hot snacks that you can take with you as you dash from one appointment to another isn’t easy. When you’re craving something warm and quick, consider picking up one of these portable hot snacks.

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1Microwaveable sandwiches

The freezer section at your grocery store is stocked with frozen entrées, but chances are you’ve overlooked some of the best options for quick and portable snacks. microwaveable sandwiches have a number of things going for them:

  • They’re compact and easy to hold while you’re juggling other packages;
  • They come in a variety of flavors and sandwich styles;
  • They usually lack the messy sauces and ingredients of sub shop sandwiches; and
  • They take only a couple minutes to heat up and serve.

2Microwaveable burritos & wraps

Think of microwaveable burritos and hot wraps as an extension of the microwaveable sandwich. They’re filled with tasty meats, beans and cheeses within a mess-free edible wrap. The nice thing about wraps and burritos is that they give you the opportunity to eat ethnic foods on the run. One day, you can enjoy a Mexican-inspired bean burrito; the next, you can enjoy an Indian wrap.


Soup companies have made eating this hot food a cinch whether you’re driving around town or sitting at your desk. Creamy soups served in handheld, single-serving portions with spill-resistant lids have turned this traditional appetizer into an easy snack. If you don’t like the idea of paying more for the handheld soup containers, pour a can of soup into a travel coffee mug.

4microwaveable chicken nuggets

Pop four or five nuggets into the microwave before you head out the door and, when they’re done cooking, put them in a plastic bag that you can carry in the car. If you’re a vegetarian or you’re watching your waistline, you may be surprised to know that numerous organic, healthy and meat-free nugget options are available.

5Hot drinks

While you shouldn’t make a habit out of drinking your snacks, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional hot and portable drink. Many coffee and tea drinks made with low-fat or soy milk can stave off hunger while giving you a late-afternoon energy boost. Just watch the added sugar, opt for a smaller serving size and ask the barista to hold the whipped cream.

6Foods on a stick

Not much is more portable than food skewered onto a stick. When looking for hot snack options, consider picking up a corndog, sausage on a stick, or a simple chicken or pork kabob. The protein will fill you up, and you can easily eat your snack while walking around town.

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