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7 Summer party hostess gifts

Don’t you love the friend who has a knack for entertaining and invites you to so many of her summer parties, you never have to fuss with your own? Show your appreciation by surprising her with one of these super cool summer party hostess gifts.

1Personalized BBQ Utensils ($44)

For the hostess who doubles as a pit mistress, the personalized BBQ utensil set from Personalization Mall will make her day! She can take even more pride in her flame-grilled skills with her name beautifully engraved on the handle of the 18-inch spatula and 18-inch fork. Made of durable rust-resistant stainless steel and stay-cool wooden handles, this set also comes with 15.5-inch tongs and an 18-inch basting brush.

Personalized BBQ Utensils

2Mingling Plates ($24 for set of 4)

As a summer party guest, you’ve no doubt experienced the juggling act of carrying a plate full of food and a wine glass while trying to mingle and navigate the patio furniture. Partner up with a couple of your gal pals and go in together on a few sets of Pottery Barn’s Mingling Plates, which are durable dinner plates that have a specially-grooved space to hold a wine glass or other drink. These wine-and-dine plates are so clever, you’ll probably get a set for yourself.

Mingling Plates


3Puzzle Party Platter ($15 for set of 2)

Totally Bamboo has come up with the perfect product for a hostess who wants her party buffet to reflect her multi-purpose eco-friendly style. Puzzle Party Platters can be linked together on a buffet table as serving platters and can also be held individually to present guests with a glass of wine and an assortment of finger food. These hand-crafted, lightweight, yet sturdy platters are made entirely from bamboo and coated with a food-safe, maintenance-free finish for easy cleanup and reuse.

Puzzle Party Platter

4Electronic Wine Bottle Opener ($15)

Opening wine bottle after wine bottle can get tiring. Give your hostess’ wrist a rest with the Oster Electronic Wine Bottle Opener. Available in silver, champagne, and merlot, this handy wine gadget is cordless, will remove a cork in seconds, and can open up to 30 bottles of wine on a single charge. The Oster also comes with a foil cutter and a charging base for easy charging and storage.

Electronic Wine Bottle Opener

5Trivia Party Starters ($6)

If your favorite hostess serves amazing food but her party fun could use some aid, give her a set or two of Trivia Party Starters. No, these aren’t your usual (boring) trivia cards. Trivia Party Starters is a new line of napkins that contain trivia questions in 12 different themes, including Wine Trivia, Girls Night Out Trivia, Celebrity Trivia and more. Each pack of napkins comes with 20 napkins and includes 40 different trivia questions (with answers hidden inside the napkin flap). These are functional and a creative way to keep guests entertained.

Trivia Party Starters


6Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket ($65)

What hostess doesn’t love chocolate? With dark chocolate being the go-to treat for health and indulgence, Lindt’s gift basket will be a sure-fire hit. This decadent gourmet gift features a reusable wooden basket filled with Lindt Dark Classics boxed chocolate, one each of the Excellence 70% Bar, Excellence 85% Bar, Excellence Intense Orange Bar, and A Touch of Sea Salt Bar, plus 40 Dark & 60% Dark Chocolate Lindor Truffles. What’s not to love?

Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket

7Amoretti Martini Mixes ($12)

A bottle of wine is a nice but expected gift. How about surprising your hostess with a bottle or two of Amoretti’s ready-to-use, virgin martini mixes made with the finest ingredients and loaded with real fruit. Available in six flavors, including blueberry, passion fruit, and cosmopolitan, these mixes can be used in cocktails, mixed with club soda, or even whirred into smoothies.

Amoretti Martini Mixes

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