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The mystery behind Harry Potter Jelly Beans

According to the lexicon, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans were created by Bertie Bott in the mid-20th century quite by mistake when Bott turned a sweet treat into a treat with the flavor of a dirty sock. Now his Every Flavour Beans are a hit with the wizarding community and quite literally entail every flavor.

Bertie Botts Harry Potter Jelly Beans

How Bertie became a bean

For those not magically inclined, the history of these risky little beans is a little less exciting and glamorous. We get our Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from Jelly Belly and, similar to the ones in the story, they make nearly every flavor imaginable. Believe us, the ones that you think up are perfectly fine not being produced.Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans come in small square containers or little baggies; a more ornate packaging has been seen but the true excitement comes not from the container, but from holding a handful of beans in your hand and wondering which one you’re going to get.

What’s the risk? eat if you dare

Where a pale yellow might be toffee or cheese, it could also be ear wax. Expecting the delicate taste of almond or blueberry you could also have the most unfortunate experience of having acid, rotten eggs or vomit flavors infused in your mouth. The latter is truly horrible and not even the scrub of the tongue with a paper towel could clear the bile taste left over. Luckily – with enough strawberry and chocolate beans – the taste is replaced with something much more sweet and delectable.

Unless you’re daring, it’s recommend that you nibble on one end before you eat a bean whole. That innocent looking bean with its rather vague coloring could be a pear, coconut or chili, even a troll bogey, peppermint, or roast beef bean. Note to parents: the less-than-delicious Bertie Bott flavors might be an intersting take on the old wash-your-mouth-with-soap punishment.

How to Mix and match Bertie’s flavors

For a delicious twist, blueberry and buttered popcorn make an amazing blueberry muffin flavor. If you’re looking for a child’s treat, dirt, grass and earthworm might be interesting on a chocolate cupcake.

The toast and grape jelly make a pretty tasty concoction. So does the chocolate, toasted marshmallow and buttered popcorn. S’mores anyone?

Just in case you run out of BBQ food during a party, you can serve up some baked bean, sausage and toast jelly beans with ketchup and mustard condiments.

Make sure that when you’re putting together some Jelly Belly concoctions you’re steering clear of the grass, liver and tripe – no one wants to eat a lovely fruit salad of cherry, strawberry, pink grapefruit… and onion.

And drumroll please: A complete list of Bertie Bott flavors…

AlmondCoffee, Lemon Drop, Spaghetti, Apple, Cranberry, Liver, Spinach, Bacon, Curry, Marmalade, Sprouts, Baked Bean, Dirt, Marshmallow, Strawberry Banana, Dirty Sock, Mashed Potato, Toast, Blackberry, Earthworm, Mustard, Toasted Marshmallow, Black Pepper, Earwax, Onion, Toffee, Blueberry, Farm Dirt, Peach, Toffee, Pudding, Bogey, Fish, Pear, Tomato, Broccoli, Grape Jelly, Pepper, Tripe, Bubble Gum, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Troll Bogey, Buttered, Popcorn, Grass, Pink Grapefruit, Tutti-frutti, Cheese, Gravy, Pizza, Vomit, Cherry, Green Apple, Roast Beef, Watermelon, Chili, Honey, Rotten Egg, Chocolate, Horseradish, Sardine, Cinnamon, Ketchup, Sausage, Coconut, Lemon, and Soap

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