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Brunch for dinner


Everyone loves a lazy Sunday afternoon brunch, but why wait until the weekend when you can enjoy a fabulous brunch any day of the week-for dinner? With a few simple recipes you can easily make an average Tuesday dinner delicious and, of course, don’t forget the cocktails!

Fritatta for dinner

Brunch for dinner tips

1More than just eggs

If eggs are a favorite brunch item, prepare an egg dish like a frittata which can be made in advance and then baked while you are doing other things. A baked vegetable frittata is perfect for brunch and you whole family will enjoy it – plus you can get you kids to eat some veggies!

2Add some juice

When making sweeter items like muffins, you can mix in some juice to keep them moist and add something extra. Orange juice, apple juice, or grapefruit juice can easily be added into muffins for a delicious flavor. You can even use juice as a glaze for French toast or pancakes. Choose an all-natural juice like Simply Orange Juice for the most natural juice flavors.

3Something sweet

Brunch is nothing without a little something sweet. Prepare a delicious French toast dish or coffee cake to end the meal on a sweet note. Look for a recipe that can be made in advance (like the one on the next page) and all you have to do is re-heat and serve.

4Don’t forget the cocktails

What’s brunch without a cocktail? Make a few fizzy options with champagne and juice. You can of course go the traditional route with orange juice or you can try something different like lemonade, grapefruit juice, pineapple-orange juice, or mango-orange juice. Not only will you have tasty drink, but you will get you daily dose of Vitamin C.

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