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Meatless Monday: Make it fun


Question — What’s the most dreaded day of the week? Answer — Do you really need the answer?

Meatless Monday

Mondays get a bad rap but here’s your opportunity to turn it around. Participate in Meatless Monday — the movement that dedicates one day a week to eating meat-free meals – and use it as an exercise in making positive changes. You might actually begin to look forward to Mondays.

According to Meatless Monday, studies show that, if you start a new behavior on a Monday, you’re more likely to continue with it throughout the week. Mondays are easy to remember — most of us have to bid farewell to the weekend and head off to work or school. It’s the beginning of a week full of potential new adventures, and why not start the week off right!?

1Schedule family time to help with a plan

Spend a little time on the weekend consulting with your family about what types of meat-free meals they might like to eat on Monday. Take a trip to a farmers market to see what seasonal fruits and veggies are available. Browse through cookbooks, visit websites or talk to friends for ideas.

2Make a shopping list

Once you have your meals in mind, make a list of ingredients and foods you might need to pick up from the grocery store. This will help keep you on track with your shopping, and keep you from buying things you might not need.

3Engage everyone to participate

Invite each member of your household to get involved with Meatless Monday. Each week, assign each meal or snack to one or more family members to make. When you’re actively involved in a project you’re more likely to put more effort into it, have a positive experience with it and, ultimately, recognize its benefits.

4Write a review and keep track of what you eat

What did everyone in the family think about a certain recipe? Develop your own recipe book that not only includes the recipes for the meals you made each Meatless Monday, but include a “comments” section for feedback. Maybe there are ways to improve the recipe or perhaps you can try slightly different ingredients next time. When you like what you eat, you’re more likely to make that meal again. This is also a nice way to make an easy family keepsake.

Nothing beats the weekend, but the fun and benefits of participating in Meatless Monday could give the weekend a run for its money!

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