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Meatless Monday: What’s the news?

Awareness about Meatless Monday is really catching on. A recent study from FGI Research reveals that more than 50 percent of the country is now aware of Meatless Monday. Considering Meatless Monday doesn’t invest in advertising, that’s amazing news.

Meatless Monday meal

Of the 50-plus percent in the know, more than 27 percent said that Meatless Monday has helped them decide to make a change in their eating habits – by cutting back on the amount of meat they eat.

Join the crowd

SheKnows makes it easy for you to be in-the-know, too! Check out the recipes below for tasty, meat-free meals that are full of flavor.

The tipoff

Many chefs, celebrities (and celebrity-chefs), school districts and corporations have pledged to follow the Meatless Monday meal plan, but who gets the credit for spreading the word about the campaign? A true grassroots campaign, the word on the street about Meatless Monday has spread via bloggers, students, heathcare professionals and yes, the celebrity-factor doesn’t hurt the movement (Oprah, anyone?).

Aspen commits to Meatless Monday

In the past week, Aspen, Colorado became the first community to back the Meatless Monday program. Again, it was a grassroots effort that started from a local reading group.

Eager to spread the word about taking small steps to healthier eating, one member of the reading group encouraged the local hospital and college to commit to serve healthy, meat-free meals — and soon restaurants, organizations and school districts followed the lead.

Cut it out

Don’t let the idea of making and serving a day’s worth of meat-free meals stress you out. Think of it as a new adventure!

Cut the meat from your meals to learn new ways and things to cook. Add herbs and spices to your dishes. Incorporate new recipes into your repertoire. Discover the versatility of vegetables and grains.

Follow these recipes for stress-free, meat-free and healthier meal planning. You’re in good company!

Meatless Monday recipes

Spinach and cheese stuffed tomatoes
Zucchini quiche
Creamy cheese and mushroom stuffed shells
Gazpacho soup
Soba noodle stir fry
Sweet and savory wild rice salad

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