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5 Small changes you can make for a natural lifestyle

Small changes can have big impact, so take some simple steps to add more natural foods into your lifestyle; the reward will be apparent in the way you look and feel, and you’ll be on your way to better health!

Mom and boy at farmers market

1Choose to lose the fast food!

Some fast food restaurants are offering healthier menu options, but in general, fast food does not add anything to a healthy lifestyle, nor is it helpful for your weight management. Fast food certainly isn’t healthy for your wallet, so make it a distant memory. You will save cash and calories when you cook and eat at home. This also allows you to control the portion sizes, and you can be confident that the ingredients in your meals are fresh and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

2Shop at the farmer’s market

Try the farmer’s market, and you’ll find a variety of tempting fresh foods. It’s irresistible, and much of it is good for you, too! Most farmer’s markets offer very fresh seasonal produce that’s locally grown. You’ll have more choices and wonderful options in fruits, vegetables, even lean meats and fish. Don’t be timid: try some new things! Eggplant and squash, nectarines and snow peas – the tasty choices give you an opportunity to experiment with dishes and discover new family favorites.

3Make smart substitutions

Who says dessert has to be loaded with sugar and empty calories? A juicy fresh peach is sweet and satisfying, or serve up a bowl of ripe strawberries or cherries. Switch out your mayonnaise for plain yogurt, and mix in some herbs. It’s a lower calorie, natural substitute for cream cheese and heavy dressings. Stir up a spiced-up blend to use in coleslaw, chicken salad or as a dip or dressing on a healthy salad.

4Look for whole grains

Barley, oats and wheat are better for you; they are loaded with fiber and nutrients, so skip the not-so-wonderful white bread and choose a yummy oat or wheat variety. You can still have that sandwich you crave, but build it on oat bread with tomato slices, pepper strips, fresh lettuce and lean luncheon meat. Add a slice of nutrient-rich avocado, and once topped with a yogurt dressing, it’s a satisfying lunch that delivers good nutrition. Have some oatmeal: a delicious choice that happily takes to fresh fruit like antioxidant-loaded blueberries or potassium-rich bananas. Good choices are easy to make when they taste so great!

5Go fishing!

Halibut, salmon and other fish add lean protein and healthy Omega-3 to your diet. Choose fresh, not processed or frozen, whenever possible. Fish can be a tasty entrée when poached, baked, broiled or grilled. Get creative and dress it with fresh herbs in a bed of vegetables.

Look for colorful, crisp, fresh ingredients and you’re on your way to a naturally healthier lifestyle.

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