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5 Multi-functional appliances you’ll love

Your kitchen might have the bare essentials, but we’ve got some appliances you need to add to your kitchen to expand your cooking capabilities. Each one is functional and handy. We promise you’ll love them!

Cool and functional kitchen appliances.

1Speedcook oven

Pressed for time? An innovative new oven can help hurry mealtimes! Speedcook ovens let you cook and grill eight times faster than a conventional oven, yet still produce the taste and texture you want in your dishes. Roast a juicy chicken in half an hour? Yes, and there’s no waiting for these ovens to preheat. Cooking is quick and simple, and many models feature conveniences such as a soften/melt setting, or combine multiple ovens into a single unit: speed-cook, convection, microwave and a warming drawer. Sleek and stylish enough for any modern kitchen, this is an appliance that busy families will immediately love, providing fast cooking time without sacrificing any homecooked flavor.

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2Coffee and spice grinder

If you love the smell and flavor of freshly-ground coffee beans, a multi-function coffee and spice grinder will start your morning right. This little countertop appliance comes with cup settings to easily grind just the right amount of beans, then simply pop it in the dishwasher for hassle-free clean-up. It also grinds fresh spices in a snap, using double-blade technology so you get the exact consistency you need for any ingredient. Why not wake up with a richer, headier coffee aroma when grinding fresh beans takes one push of a button?

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3Food processor

The food processor has come a long way in function and capability. New models have generous 14-cup capacities and larger chutes. Slicing, shredding or chopping doesn’t need to be done by hand, so meal prep is easy and the mess is minimized. With a combination of speeds and blades, the food processor handles many kitchen jobs from prep for creamy coleslaw to mixing dough. Even the novice cook will appreciate the time it saves, the work it eliminates and the professional results.

4Slow cooker

It’s not the same old crockpot! New slow cookers are designed for convenience and the way we live now. How about a 3-crock cooker that has individual heat settings to allow for preparation of separate dishes? Make an entrée, a side dish and a soup at the same time in the large-capacity stoneware crocks that slip out for serving and make clean-up simple. Three-crock slow cookers prepare the entire meal when nobody is home.

5Beverage center

A beverage center chills wine to precise temperatures, and stores bottled water, soft drinks and other beverages. Wooden racks hold the wine, and separate temperature controls allow for zone cooling adjustments. The larger capacity – many models house over 30 bottles and more than 100 cans – means kids can serve themselves and not be opening the main refrigerator constantly. Glass doors and interior lights on beverage centers lets you see what’s stocked and makes selection simple. You’ll always have perfectly chilled beverages to offer guests, and plenty of cold water, juice and sodas for warm-day refreshment.

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