5 Fun (and simple!) dessert ideas for families

May 30, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Let your kids pitch in to create these fun and simple desserts. Your whole family will love these yummy treats.

5 Fun dessert ideas for families

Gluten-Free Prosciutto and Provolone Sandwich with Pesto

Cookie pizza >>

Kids love pizza. Kids love cookies. So why not cookie pizza? This recipe is simple and fun for kids to make.

Recipe and image courtesy of Hershey's.
Gluten-Free Chutney Ham Sandwich on Toasted Raisin Bread

Cookies & creme pudding pops >>

Featuring JELL-O instant pudding and Oreo cookies, these dessert pops are easy to make and kids love them.

Recipe and image courtesy of Kraft Foods.
Gluten-Free Ham Swiss and Spinach Sandwich

Kooky cut-out treats >>

Rice Krispies treats are yummy and even more fun when made into the shape of animals and other objects.

Recipe and image courtesy of ricekrispies.com.
Ice Cream Face

Ice cream face

Instead of a simple scoop or two of ice cream, create an ice cream face.

Use a melon-baller to create smaller scoop. In a large, shallow bowl, create an ice cream face with three balls of ice cream to create the eyes and nose. Add a drizzle of chocolate syrup for the mouth and then use M&Ms or other candies to dress up the face. With the small scoops, kids will eat less ice cream but have a whole lot of fun.

Funny pudding face

Funny pudding face

Another fun face dessert uses instant pudding. Mix up a batch of instant vanilla, chocolate or banana pudding. Scoop into cups or bowls and then allow your kids to create a face. Chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, shoestring licorice, gummy worms, jelly beans and other candy can be used to create the face.

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