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Gluten-free turkey sandwich makeover


When it comes to health, flavor and ease of preparation, turkey sandwiches top the tasty lunch and dinner list. If you’re following a gluten-free diet, turkey sandwiches can be a satisfying part of your weekly meal planning, and may even become one of your favorite gluten-free recipes. The delicious array of flavored turkey, cheeses, sandwich fillings and gluten-free breads will give you many mouthwatering gluten-free turkey sandwich recipes. Here are a few tips and recipes to give your turkey sandwich a gluten-free makeover.

Turkey sandwich

Tips for tasty gluten-free turkey sandwich recipes

1Visit the deli aisle

Many supermarket delis offer a variety of sliced turkey, including sun-dried tomato and cracked black pepper. Ask to see the labels for the turkey to make sure the products are gluten-free. If you are concerned about cross-contamination with other gluten-containing products, opt for the packaged sliced turkey in the deli aisle. Some brands will have “gluten-free” or “allergy-free” on the label.

2Get adventurous with gluten-free bread

If you’re bored with your current gluten-free bread, swap it out for a gluten-free bread you’ve never tried or stop by your local bakery for a freshly baked gluten-free loaf. Try gluten-free sourdough, gluten-free raisin bread, seeded gluten-free bread, gluten-free focaccia and gluten-free rolls.

3Check out the cheeses

There is no excuse for boring gluten-free turkey sandwiches with the delectable array of cheeses available at the grocery store. Havarti dill, pepper jack, Manchego, Swiss and provolone are a few of the many cheese choices you can layer in your sandwich. Try a new cheese every week. Though cheese is inherently gluten-free, always read labels before purchase.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, you may need to avoid cheese and other dairy products until your intestines heal. Talk with your doctor before including cheese in your diet.

4Have fun with flavorful sandwich fillings

A slice of turkey between two slices of bread is boring, but a gluten-free turkey sandwich boasting flavorful fillings such as caramelized onions, apple slices, wasabi mayo or fresh herbs is a gluten-free meal to get excited about. Think beyond plain mayonnaise, mustard and a leaf of lettuce and go with fillings that are bold in flavor. As a bonus, layering your sandwich with vegetables, leafy greens or fresh fruit will give your sandwich a tasty nutritious boost.

Gluten-free turkey sandwich recipes

Gluten-Free Italian Turkey Melt

Gluten-Free Italian Turkey Melt

The ultimate gluten-free comfort food, this gluten-free turkey melt features sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, basil and provolone cheese on a thick slice of gluten-free focaccia.

Gluten-Free Turkey Sandwich with Blackberries and Honey

Gluten-Free Turkey Sandwich with Blackberries and Honey

This gluten-free recipe is inspired by the sweet tastes of summer. Blackberries, honey, feta and spinach elevate the ordinary gluten-free turkey sandwich into a unique and salad-style meal.

Gluten-Free Turkey Pepper Jack Sandwich with Green Chilies

Gluten-Free Turkey Pepper Jack Sandwich with Green Chilies

If you’re looking for a gluten-free turkey sandwich to zing you out of a mid-day slump, this is the one. Layered with pepper jack and whole green chilies, you get a delicious hit of heat with every bite.

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