7 Summer Desserts That Taste Way More Decadent Than They Are

5. Chocolate almond banana pops

Light summer dessert recipes
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And while we are still in chocolate heaven, try dipping a few bananas in for a cool, refreshing treat. Pop a stick in one end, dip in Greek yogurt, and then roll in crushed almonds, drizzle with chocolate, and keep in the freezer until frozen. Everyone in the family will bow down when they taste this healthy alternative to ice cream.

6. Fresh fruit crumble

Light summer dessert recipes
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Fruit crumbles are a delicious and healthy dessert your whole family will adore. Use whatever fruit is in season locally, and you won’t even have to add any additional sweetener to this healthy dessert.

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7. Death by chocolate brownies

Light summer dessert recipes
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Are you surprised to find brownies on this list? If so, you probably haven’t heard of the secret to lightening up your favorite brownie recipe. It may sound strange, but baby food prunes or applesauce can be swapped in for butter or oil in almost any brownie recipe for a lighter version of this decadent dessert. Serve warm over a scoop of frozen yogurt or low-fat ice cream. Shhhh… no one will even know the difference.

What’s your favorite summer dessert?


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