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Royal wedding party

The world will be watching on April 29th as Prince William weds Kate Middleton in what is likely to be one of the most lavish ceremonies to date. If you don’t have a ticket to Westminster Abbey get a front row seat in your own house and enjoy some special English breakfast treats and, of course, Champagne to toast the newlyweds.

william and kateWhat the royals will be enjoying

Rumor has it that at the reception for the royal nuptials, 21 chefs will be preparing 10,000 canapés for the 600 VIP guests lucky enough to be invited to the lunch reception.

The canapés will be both sweet and savory and some will be hot and some cold. According to sources, the savory canapés will include smoked salmon, duck confit, and quail eggs—all in one delicious bite. Some of the sweets may include white truffles, fruit pâté, and financiers and, of course, a fabulous wedding cake.

The official menu will not be known until after the reception is over, but guests can bet it will be a deliciously gourmet experience.

Your royal breakfast

Here in the United States, us mere commoners will be watching the wedding on television at 5 a.m. EST. And, since this is a once in a lifetime event, host a breakfast party for all your girlfriends with tasty royal breakfast treats.

Blinis, eggs benedict, smoked salmon mousse, and smoked ham and feta cheese tarts are just a few simple breakfast suggestions. Naturally you can go the route of the traditional English breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, blood pudding, baked beans, hash browns and bacon. This type of meal is not as elegant as dainty canapés, but if you need something a little heartier, then an English breakfast is the way to go.

Breakfast beverages

You can serve a variety of beverages at your wedding party; a selection of English breakfast teas are a great way to go. You must have a champagne toast to celebrate the couple (just one glass if you have to go to work after though!). You could also serve cider or beer (but again, if you have work after, alcohol may not be such a great idea).

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A favorite English sweet is Cadbury chocolates. Many local grocery stores are beginning to carry the traditional English versions now (not the same as the Easter versions), so stock up on Cadbury if you can find it. Otherwise, you can serve teacakes, puddings, trifle, or crumpets. You can also get some cupcakes or a small white cake to celebrate the wedding.

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