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Homemade potato chips


If potato chips are your favorite snack to munch, you’re not alone. Instead of buying bags of greasy chips, try making your own homemade potato chips. You can make them with your favorite flavors, plus they won’t all be crushed in the bag.

Tray of potato chips

Choosing potato variety

You can use just about any potato when making potato chips. Russet potatoes work well, as do Yukon Golds, Fingerlings, Idaho and purple potatoes (which add a fun color). If you like sweet potatoes, then try making sweet potato chips. Just make sure that, whichever potatoes you use, they are firm and have no soft spots or blemishes. Try a variety of potatoes to see which you like best.

Thick or thin

Depending on how thick or thin you like your chips, just slice them to your liking. If you like thick chips, simply cook them longer to get then crispy all the way through. No matter how thickly or thinly you slice the potatoes, just make sure they are uniform so they all cook evenly.

Baked or fried

The healthiest way to make your chips is, of course, to bake them — and you can get them to be as crispy as the fried versions. The key is to make sure they are dried very well. Any moisture can make them soggy. Toss the potato slices with just a little olive oil for flavor. Be sure to cook them until they are nicely golden (whether baking or frying) so they’re cooked and crisp all the way through. Cool them on wire racks to allow them to crisp up.


The best part of making your own potato chips is that you can add your own flavors. The simplest is olive oil and salt. You might also try pepper, dried herbs and spices, or cheese. Create your own spice mix with garlic and cayenne pepper or sprinkle some dill or rosemary over the top.

If you are frying the chips, add the flavors when you remove the chips from the oil, before they cool off. If you are baking, add half of the spices before you bake and half after you bake (before they dry out) for an extra kick.

Serving & storing

The best way to serve homemade potato chips is hot from the oven. Store some for later in an airtight container and eat them within two days because they will become soggy.

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