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10 fun kid snacks to pack


Trail mix

6Homemade trail mix

Mix up your choice of dry cereal with raisins and nuts if your child likes them. Satisfy his sweet tooth by throwing in a few chocolate candies.

7Fun with fruit

Make a fruit salad fun by adding a pretty spin on an ordinary snack. Cut slices of larger fruits, such as melons and pineapple, then use cookie cutters to transform those slices into fun shapes. Add in berries, bananas, peaches and any other fruit your child likes to eat. Toss the mixture with a splash of lemon juice to keep it looking fresh.

8String cheese

String cheese is fun to eat and easy to pack. To mix it up just a little, pack it with a slice or two of turkey or ham. Your child can wrap the meat around the string cheese and eat it together, or eat the two separately.

9Fruit parfait

Send a single serving, shelf stable container of yogurt along with small bags of fresh berries and granola. Let your child have fun mixing the ingredients for a nutritious snack on the run.

10Fruity Pebbles Treats

If you don’t have time to make a snack, add a Fruity Pebbles Treat to your child’s lunchbox. Not only are they chewy and delicious, but they’re low in calories and high in nutrients. These pre-packaged snacks are an easy solution for moms on a tight schedule.

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