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Family meal makeovers

Making a meal that hits the spot for everyone in your family can be difficult. Instead, try these family meal makeovers and discover family meals that everyone will love!

Mom making pasta sauce

The pros know

Mother of three and author of The Pennywize Vegetarian, Andrea Frayser recommends eating together as a family. “As a mother of three whose husband works 100 miles away from home, eating family dinner together every night has been absolutely essential to keeping our family going, so if there is one meal makeover that anyone can do, it would be to turn off the TV, and sit, eat and enjoy your family dinner.”

This is what Frayser does in her own home to keep food interesting so that mealtime is also familytime.

  • Make meal preparation a family affair. Get your family members involved in meal preparation as this provides “family face time,” and “even the pickiest eaters are more likely to eat something they made themselves,” says Frayser.
  • Use nutritionally dense ingredients, like whole wheat pasta instead of white, or cut half the portion of meat in your pasta sauce down by adding in grated carrots or chopped veggies.
  • Strive to include at least two servings of veggies at every meal. “The colors make for an appealing plate and the added nutrition and fiber are essential for combating many health problems.”

Make the effort to eat well

Gina Keatley, director of nutrition and CEO of Nourishing NYC, says that “the reality of eating well is that people have to make the effort.” Some simple techniques that Keatley advocates are:

  • Swap out your proteins so that they are all lean. Replace your high-fat beef cuts with sirloin, chicken or ground turkey.
  • Eat off of smaller plates. “Studies show,” says Keatley, “that people eating off smaller plates are eating less and just as satisfied.”
  • Eat out less and cook at home more.

“Make food a tradition in your home. This will help create a positive food environment.”

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