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Food for thought


You’ve probably caught yourself daydreaming about food plenty of times. Remember that delicious pizza you had on vacation? Thinking back, you can almost taste it! Almost everyone daydreams about food, especially when they’re hungry. But do you ever, literally, dream about food then wake up to wonder what it means?

Dreaming about food

Some people say they don’t dream, but everyone does, some people just tend to remember their dreams more than others. If you’ve ever dreamed about eating an ice cream cone or picking fruit, you may have thought it was a bit strange, then wondered if there was a cryptic message hidden in your dream.

According to Dr. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, there probably was! Freud believed that, although we aren’t aware of many of our fears, desires, and emotions that they are revealed through our dreams.

The proof is in the pudding

There are many dream dictionaries available that tell you what your dreams mean, but they may not give you an in-depth analysis. A recent article on interpreting food dreams by Arthur Bovino of The Daily Meal, digs a little deeper with some noted experts.

In Bovino’s article, Dr. Veronica Tonay, a licensed psychologist and author of three books about dreams, said, “Dream dictionaries are basically useless as they are written by people who think something like, ‘Hmm…dreaming of a hamburger? Well, that must mean the dreamer is wanting some meat in life.’ That is, they just make up the interpretations from thin air.”

The article goes on to feature Dr. Tonay’s in-depth exercises on how to gain a more thorough understanding of what your food dreams really mean. Can these calisthenics for the brain help you lose weight? Maybe, but don’t give up your gym membership just yet. Dr. Tonay reveals that, along with helping to find meaning in your dreams, the exercises may also help you reduce your cravings for specific foods when you’re awake.

Easy as pie

If you’re looking for more of a “just add water,” quick and easy version to explain your food dreams instead of the prepare a four course meal version, consider some of the following interpretations by the online dream dictionary, Dream Moods:


To see bananas in your dream may be a metaphor for repressed sexual urges and desires. To dream that you are eating bananas indicates that your hard work will be met with little rewards or gains.

Birthday cake

To see a birthday cake in your dream indicates that the best of your wishes will be realized. It also represents your willingness to let people in and share your life with others.


To see blueberries in your dream represents your youth and the desire to recapture aspects of that youth. It is a symbol of eternity and optimism of the future. Alternatively, it may depict your depressed mood and sad state of mind.


To see chocolate in your dream signifies love, celebration, and self-reward. It also denotes that you may be indulging in too many excesses and need to practice some restraint.


To dream that you are eating ham indicates that you need to preserve your energy. To see a ham in your dream indicates that you are experiencing some emotional difficulties. The symbol may also be metaphor to suggest your desire for attention.


To dream that you are drinking lemonade suggests your need to cool off. Perhaps you are involved in an argument that is getting too heated.


To see noodles in your dream symbolizes longevity and abundance. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are looking for some sort of nourishment. The dream may also be a pun that you need to “use your noodle.” In other words, there is something that you need to think hard about.


To see a pie in your dream symbolizes the rewards of your hard work. Perhaps you are reaching beyond your abilities. Alternatively, it may also have the same meaning as a circle, or it could be a metaphor for getting your fair share, as in your “piece of the pie.”


To see shrimp in your dream suggests that you are feeling overpowered and insignificant.


To see or eat pizza in your dream represents abundance, choices, and variety. It may also indicate that you are lacking or feeling deprived of something.


To see tomatoes in your dream symbolizes domestic happiness and harmony. To dream that you are eating tomatoes foretells good health.


To dream of drinking wine symbolizes festivity, celebration, companionship, satisfaction, and success. You are content with the way your life is going. The dream may also be a pun on “whining” and how you like to whine about things. In particular, to dream that you are drinking red wine signifies excess and sensuality. If you are drinking communion wine in your dream then it represents some spiritual celebration or ceremony.

The next time someone tells you to wake up and smell the coffee, it could be a dream come true!

Dream worthy recipes

Check out the following recipeswho knows what you might dream about after dinner?

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