Ben & Jerry’s announces new flavor: Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack!

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon now has its own ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s: Late Night Snack. What unexpected ingredients are inside the yummy treat?

Late Night Snack Jimmy Fallon ice cream

Very few celebs get their own flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – Jerry Garcia, Phish, Stephen Colbert – and now Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon introduced his new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor (with a little help from the real Ben & Jerry – during last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It was a special day in more ways than one – last night’s episode was the show’s two-year anniversary.

Fallon’s ice cream, Late Night Snack, is both a salty and sweet treat for those late night munchies. The ingredients for Late Night Snack include fair-trade Vanilla Bean ice cream, caramel swirl and the best ingredient – chocolate-covered potato chip clusters!

Proceeds from the sales of Late Night Snack will go to Fair Trade colleges – or schools that teach curriculum that promote fair wages for farmers and other food producers.

Late Night Snack is set to go on sale in both Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops and grocery stores soon.

Will you try Jimmy Fallon’s new Late Night Snack ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s? We think it sounds yummy yum yum (plus, we love Jimmy Fallon!)

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