Quiet SunChips bag introduced

Feb 24, 2011 at 8:27 p.m. ET

Frito Lay has decided to do their part for society by creating a quiter version of the SunChips bag. Apparently, the SunChips bags were measured to be as loud as a busy city street. We've had a...ahem...few SunChips in our days, and the bags never seemed that loud, did they?

Sun Chips Bag

The offending, loud SunChips bag was introduced in 2009 and met with thousands of customer complaints about being too noisy. We wish we could have a recording of just a few of the complaint calls.

The SunChips site dedicates itself largely to the SunChips compostable bag and their mission to reduce environmental impact. They even show you how to compost a SunChips bag. SunChips consumers must really care about packaging.

Here's a good article about the whole thing from the Epoch Times.

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