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Breast milk ice cream goes on sale


A restaurant in London is now serving breast milk ice cream, according to BBC news. And just wait until you hear what it’s called.

Breast Milk ice cream

Baby Gaga Breast Milk Ice Cream

15 lactating women responded to an ad asking for breast milk donations on an online mother’s forum, which is now being frozen into..ready for this…”Baby Gaga” breast milk ice cream.

A serving of “Baby Gaga” will set you back about $22 U.S. Dollars.

The breast milk donations were “expressed” on site, pasteurized and then churned with Madagascar vanilla pods and lemon zest. The women were paid about $24 U.S. Dollars for every 10 ounces of milk donated.

Would you eat “Baby Gaga” breast milk ice cream? Leave your comments below!

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