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What can I do with curry?

If you’re like me, you’re a sucker for exotic recipes with ingredients you’ve never used before — think curry, saffron, or even Cholula hot sauce. Thanks to last week’s coconut curry chicken, my jar of curry paste is sitting on the shelf, crying a spicy little tear each time I reach past it for more familiar seasonings. So here are a few ways to cook with curry and show that little jar some spicy lovin’!

Curry spice

Cooking with curry

Curry is most often a combination of three spices — tumeric, coriander and cumin. Ahh cumin, doesn’t it sound more familiar now?

You’ll find curry powder and curry paste in major grocery stores as well as smaller ethnic markets. If you’re serious about your curry, consider a curry taste-test and try a few varieties of curry powder and curry paste from different stores.

Asian curry blends differ from Indian curry blends and the curry powder and curry paste from an ethnic grocer will likely have a more authentic curry flavor.

Once you’ve cooked with curry a few more times, you’ll be comfortable adding curry on the fly to other recipes to create your own unique twist on familiar flavors, like our slow cooker curry pork roast with cherry orange sauce. Bonus: Curry is heart-healthy!


Substituting curry paste and curry powder

Curry powder and curry paste are generally interchangeable so it’s simply a matter of preference. Curry powder can be sprinkled over dishes as a seasoning while curry paste is generally used to create sauces and marinades. You can substitute curry powder for curry paste by mixing it with a non-flavored oil to make your own curry paste.


Curry warningSTOP! If you’re using curry paste…

Curry paste has to be cooked before use and cannot be consumed raw. Once you open the container, be sure to refrigerate the remaining curry paste to keep it from spoiling.

What can I cook with curry?

So now that you’ve purchased curry powder or curry paste for a recipe, what can you cook with the rest of the curry? Here are a few more recipes with curry that might help you use your remaining curry powder or curry paste before it develops a serious case of forgotten spice syndrome.

Punch up the flavor with your own curry marinade for meats by adding curry paste or curry powder to your favorite store-bought marinade or barbeque sauce.


Everyone loves a good butt rub, and pork and beef rump roasts are no exception! Get straight to the flavor by rubbing curry powder into pork or beef roasts before cooking. Hot stuff!


Curry chili? Oh yeah! Put a spin on classic chili powder-infused recipes by substituting curry powder for chili powder or mixing curry paste with the tomato sauce. Just be sure you know how much curry flavor you like before over seasoning.


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