Healthy sandwich recipes

Sandwiches are the ultimate convenience food. Easy to prepare, store and eat on-the-go, they save many stomachs from going without lunch on a hectic day. When it comes to ingredients, the options are almost limitless. Unfortunately, some of our favorites are the worst on our waistlines. Never fear, there are healthy fixings that will keep your diet intact without taking away flavor.

Whole wheat sandwich

Make your favorite sandwich recipe as healthy as it is delicious by following a few simple guidelines.

1Choose your bread wisely

Look for low sugar, high fiber options. Take time to read the ingredients. Choose whole wheat or sprouted grain breads over ones made with enriched flour. Also, make sure to check the serving size. Typically, one slice of bread is one serving.

2Make it an open-face

Cut calories by removing one piece of bread and loading up on healthy fillings like roasted vegetables, beans, lettuce, pickles, onions, jalapeños, sprouts and olive spread.

3Keep it lean

Choose lean proteins like turkey, chicken, boiled ham, tofu and tuna. Avoid lunch meats that are full of fillers (starches used to hold meat together to reduce costs), and added sugars.

4Overcome dressing denial

No matter how they are served, the vegetables in a veggie wrap will offer lots of nutrients you need. However, if the veggies are doused in a double dose of ranch dressing and served with three types of cheese, you will not be doing your diet any favors. For a healthier sandwich, try a light balsamic dressing, hummus, mustard or horseradish. Try using a low fat cheese or light cheese spread instead of the full fat versions.

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