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Girl Scouts will now only sell six varieties of Girl Scout cookies

Your Girl Scout cookie options are decreasing. Officials with the organization announced that they’re reducing the number of Girl Scout cookies to six varieties because of the recession. Did your favorite make the cut?

Girl Scouts cookies reduced to six varieties

We’ve had it with this recession.

The job losses, foreclosure mess and weak dollar value are all awful, but this is crossing the line.

Officials with the Girl Scouts announced Wednesday that they’ll now only sell six varieties of their uber-popular cookies: Thin Mints, Do-Se-Do’s, Trefoils, Samoas/Caramel DeLites, Lemon Chalet Cremes and Tagalongs.

Dulce de Leche, Thank U Berry Munch, All Abouts and Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Girl Scout cookies are getting the heave-ho.

“Our top five varieties make up 77% of cookie sales,” Amanda Hamaker, the manager of national product sales for the Girl Scouts, told the Wall Street Journal. “The others are yummy and fun, but they’re side dressing—leaving councils with an awful lot of alternate varieties left over.”

OK — this makes sense, but it doesn’t make us any less upset. We like all of our Girl Scout cookie options, but we’re pretty stoked they’re leaving the Samoas alone.

Those Girl Scouts sure are sneaky though — we might have our Samoas, but there are now fewer per box. Some Girl Scout cookies are even smaller. This means we have to buy 20 boxes now, instead of our usual 15 (hey, we love cookies!)

We know, business is business. That doesn’t make the Girl Scout cookie changes any easier to swallow. Just don’t get any more big ideas, Girl Scouts. We don’t want to imagine a life without Girl Scout cookies.

Were your favorite Girl Scout cookies eliminated?

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