"Kill It, Cook It, Eat It"

Jan 26, 2011 at 12:31 p.m. ET

A British import has hit the American television screens this month. No, it's not another period drama on PBS, but rather a unique BBC produced reality-docu series called "Kill It, Cook It, Eat It."

Kill it cook it eat it

Kill It, Cook It, Eat It

Kill It, Cook It, Eat It poses an interesting scenario to six, 20-somethings. Are they able to eat the meat from cattle or other farm animals after watching the birth, nurture, and slaughter of said animals?

Among the group there is a vegetarian, a vegan, a foodie, and self-professed fast food junkie who have all decided to take on this week-long journey of self-discovery.

Meat Your Dinner

To start, the group ventures out onto the farm where they are introduced to a small number of cattle. They feed them and are asked which one they would like to eat, with the fast food junkie saying she'd prefer the one that "has the least amount of poo on its [ass]."

Such sophistication, now you understand the addiction to fast food.

The group is taught how to feel the meat to find out if the animal is mature enough for slaughter and for eating; a somewhat intimate way to choose a cow to be slaughtered. It's at this point that the group is able to make an informed decision so that the death of the animal won't be wasteful.

Their decision is not glamorized, it's not your typical reality scene. They are not taking the decision lightly and it is apparent that they are making a conscious decision; they have chosen to end the life of two animals.

Could You Eat Something With a Name?

The realization of their decision kicks in when they make their way to the abattoir, but not before the strict vegan makes a statement comparing the death and eating of animals as comparable to eating humans.

This writer would have to argue otherwise.

This is where the episode becomes graphic, the group watches the actual death of the cows, a rather emotional experience, but not for the non-meat eating participants, as you might expect.

The episode closes at the dinner table, each member of the group discusses their feelings and all have a greater appreciation for the food on their plates; however, the two non-meat eaters, despite not wanting the meat to go to waste, refuse to eat it.

"Kill It, Cook It, Eat It" airs on Current TV and, over the course of the season, the volunteers will experience lamb, pork, chicken, and offal (current.com/shows/kill-it-cook-it-eat-it/).

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