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What’s the best food delivery in the U.S.?

Did you know that the most popular time to order food delivery nationally is 7:36 p.m., and that 50 percent of all delivery orders on Christmas day are Chinese food? Dotmenu, the parent company of online meal ordering sites, and, says so. Dotmenu also reported a surprising list of its most popular online meal delivery orders, which include Domino’s Pizza and fast food chains.

Woman eating delivery pizza

We did a little detective work to try to determine why some of the eateries made Dotmenus’ cut.

New York, NY

Domino’s® Pizza, Cheese Pizza

New York might be known for its pizza, but some delivery diners looked no further than Domino’s pizza in 2010. In the five NYC boroughs there are 236 Domino’s® locations—so it’s no surprise that neighbors would stick to what they know. What is a surprise is that New Yorkers aren’t taking advantage of the classic, old-style pizzerias—or toppings—in their very own backyards.

Los Angeles, CA

Manas Indian Restaurant, Garlic Naan

If you’re looking for a restaurant that dishes up Eastern cuisine on the West Coast, look no further than the locals do. Manas Indian Cuisine Restaurant showcases the colorful foods of India, steeped in history and traditions. Naan is a round, soft flatbread that can be made with any number of spices and served with most Southeast Asian foods.

Chicago, IL

Rajun Cajun, Samosa

Chicago’s student-dense Hyde Park neighborhood offers up its share of Indian and Pakistani soul food that happens to be perfect for late night study sessions. You can even order from the vegetarian menu if you’re looking to eat less meat in 2011.

Philadelphia, PA

Insomnia Cookies, Cookies

Philly students craving a late night sweet treat—and wanting to avoid a heavy meal or a greasy pizza during the PM hours—can order cookies online, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of two college students who began baking cookies for their friends in 2003. Insomnia Cookies are now available on more than 20 college campuses in the Northeast and Midwest.

Dallas, TX

Milano’s, Rice & Beans Plate

Don’t let the name of this dish fool you: this close-to-campus favorite serves up four tortillas alongside heaping servings of rice and beans. Choose from beef, chicken, fajita, chorizo, or pork—all for $5.99.

San Francisco, CA

Zen Yai Thai Restaurant, Pad Thai

Zen Yai is the unassuming home for some of San Francisco’s favorite Thai noodle dishes. From pumpkin curries to the famous Thai boat noodles, served in a boat-shaped bowl, this is a local favorite on- and offline.

Boston, MA

Fin’s Japanese Sushi & Grill, Spicy Tuna Maki Roll

With locations in Boston’s Brighton and Kenmore neighborhoods, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity for a good spicy tuna roll. Also, choose from a variety of other contemporary and traditional Japanese options.

Baltimore, MD

Hopkins Deli, Cheese Pizza

Maryland might be famous for its crab cakes, but the late-night diners at Johns Hopkins University? They crave cheese pizza. The student-populated deli offers plenty of sandwich options if you want something a little lighter.

Nashville, TN

Best Wok Chinese Restaurant, Steamed Dumplings

When most people think of Southern food, they don’t think Chinese food, yet, Nashville’s customers are crazy for steamed dumplings from this local joint. (*based on orders placed on and

Complete list of top delivery dishes:

  • New York, NY: Domino’s Pizza, Cheese Pizza
  • Los Angeles, CA: Manas Indian Restaurant, Garlic Naan
  • Chicago, IL: Rajun Cajun, Samosa
  • Houston, TX: Blimpie Subs & Salads, BBQ Beef
  • Philadelphia, PA: Insomnia Cookies, Cookies
  • Dallas, TX: Milano’s, Rice & Beans Plate
  • San Francisco, CA: Zen Yai Thai Restaurant, Pad Thai
  • Columbus, OH: Gumby’s Pizza, Original Pokey Stix
  • Boston, MA: Fin’s Japanese Sushi & Grill, Spicy Tuna Maki Roll
  • Baltimore, MD: Hopkins Deli, Cheese Pizza
  • Seattle, WA: Tandoor Indian Restaurant, Spinach Naan
  • Nashville, TN: Best Wok Chinese Restaurant, Steamed Dumplings
  • Milwaukee, WI: Chopstix, Crab Meat Rangoon
  • Washington, DC: Wingos, Buffalo Wings/10 piece order
  • Atlanta, GA: Wingnuts, Combo #1 (1 pound boneless wings, regular French fry, two 12-ounce sodas)

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