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New gluten-free foods for 2011

Gluten-free is the buzz phrase this week at the Fancy Food Show, a trade show that is the food industry’s equivalent of fashion week. It’s where new brands and products make their debut, and attendees get a quick snapshot of upcoming food trends.

Gluten Free

Scores of new gluten-free condiments, healthy meal kits, and snacks will appear on store shelves this year, and we’ve got a peek at a few of them.

People with gluten intolerance must avoid wheat, found in obvious items like bread and pasta, but also sneakily included in sauces and condiments as a thickener.

It’s not always convenient to be a gluten-free eater, but companies are hoping to close the gap with new stir-fry sauces, baking mixes, and ethnic noodle dishes.

Here’s a look at gluten-free foods making their debut at the Fancy Food Show:

1Meatball mix by Porta Mangiare

Most meatballs have breadcrumbs, making them off limits, but this new line of Calabrese-style meatball mixes has one gluten-free version that uses potato flakes instead. The mixes come spiced, so you just add meat and eggs.

The line is currently sold on

2Balsamic barbecue sauce by David’s Unforgettables®

David’s Balsamic Vinaigrette used to have a cult following at his café in Sherman Oaks, California. After closing the restaurant and starting up a bottled sauce business, he thought to mash up his signature sauce with barbecue. He stumbled upon something pretty genius and really tasty. This Balsamic Barbecue Sauce combines the best of both condiments for a sweet, tangy, and smoky finish.

Sold at California specialty markets and online at

3Rice pasta stir-frys by SnapDragon

Healthy meal kits with ethnic flair were everywhere at the Fancy Food Show, and many of them were gluten-free. A standout was the SnapDragon line of Pan-Asian meal starters and snacks. Keep an eye out for the rice pasta stir-fry starters with gluten-free flavors of Indonesian Peanut, Hunan Sweet and Sour, and Pad Thai Ginger. Add protein and veggies, and you’re ready to go.

Find this new line online at

4Soy sauce by Kikkoman®

Go ahead, dunk your California roll freely—this soy sauce is made from rice, not wheat.

See products at at

5Cooking sauces by Passage Foods™

These all natural stir-fry and simmer sauces are meant to take the fear out of cooking Indian, Moroccan, or Thai cuisine at home. “We literally start with fresh stuff like you would on your stove,” says company Director Mark MacKenzie. Add protein and vegetables for a meal that’s ready in less than 20 minutes.

New to the line are Moroccan-themed sauces: Lemon Tagine, Honey Tagine, and Harissa Tomato & Bell Pepper Beef.

Locate a retailer at

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