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Wild chocolate trends for 2011

Wild chocolate trends are showing up at this year’s Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Just when we thought there was no steam left in the red velvet craze, The Republic of Tea rocks our world by unveiling a calorie-free red velvet chocolate tea.

Chocolate trends

It was just one of many chocolate innovations introduced at the Fancy Food Show this week in San Francisco. The food industry trade show is where companies debut specialty products that are new to store shelves, or will be coming soon.

What’s new on the chocolate scene? Here’s what we spotted at the Fancy Food Show:

PMS chocolate truffles

With the tagline, “Un-bitch yourself,” these chocolates by CocoXan are laced with chasteberry and bilberry, which have anti-inflammatory properties to help fight the symptoms of PMS.


“At that time of month, you’re craving chocolate anyway,” says Tracey Downey, director of research and development for Xan Confections, the maker of CocoXan chocolates. So you might as well give it a try.

It’s one of five new “functional chocolates” from CocoXan, available in February (there’s one with antioxidants for heart health and another fortified with folic acid for pregnant women).

Red velvet chocolate tea

No, it’s not the same as biting into a red velvet cupcake, but this new tea by The Republic of Tea is a nod to the diet wrecking dessert, without any of the guilt—it has zero calories.

This caffeine-free treat is made with South African rooibos tea and flavored with beet root bits, vanilla, and sweet blackberry leaves. Did we mention it has zero calories?

The red velvet variety is just one of four new Cuppa Chocolate Teas—there’s also peppermint chocolate, coconut cocoa, and strawberry chocolate.

Bittersweet chocolate bar with olive oil and sea salt

A chocolate bar is a blank canvas often spiked with anything from bacon to hot spices to herbs. Crazy flavors are fun to try, but sometimes it’s the simple, subtle touches that win us over—like Poco Dolce’s bittersweet chocolate bar with gray sea salt and California olive oil.

Three trendy ingredients, perfectly bundled and balanced. The olive oil gives this bar an ultra smooth texture and soft bite.

Cookies for pairing with wine

You’ve paired wine and cheese. You’ve paired wine and chocolate. Now try wine with cookies. Not sure where to start?

Make it easy on yourself with Cookies & Corks, sets of cookies that are meant to pair with white, red, and sparkling wines. Each box has three varieties of cookies (sweet and savory) and a pairing guide to help you match them up to the right vino: espresso chocolate peanut butter cookies are right for pinot noir, while chocolate oatmeal cookies go with prosecco.

Blood orange caramel bar

Some fans of Vosges Haut-chocolat wait for new flavors like tech junkies wait for new Apple products. Known for exotic-flavored chocolate bars, especially its bacon-studded variety, Vosges has five new flavors debuting this spring. Company founder Katrina Markoff says her favorite among them is the blood orange caramel bar with hibiscus flowers. Others in the line-up are caramel toffee, black salt caramel, cherry rooibos, and Amalfi a white chocolate bar with lemon zest and pink peppercorns.

Chocolate-covered jelly beans

Everything’s better covered in chocolate, right? Jelly Belly knows how we think. The company has launched Dips, five flavors of jelly beans covered in dark chocolate: cherry, coconut, raspberry, orange, and strawberry. Even better news: Each bean has about four calories.

Flaxseed chocolate bar

Zap the guilt from your chocolate habit with new snack-size chocolate bars pumped with good-for-you ingredients from NEWTREE. One is flecked with toasted flaxseed and another contains super fruits and antioxidants, so you can nibble freely.

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