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Top 5 Least fattening Girl Scout cookies


It’s futile to fight the onslaught of Girl Scout cookies that are literally everywhere you turn. So instead of battling the inevitable, go ahead and indulge with one of these top 5 skinniest, least fattening Girl Scout cookies. After all, March (hello, bikini season!) is around the corner, and no cookie—not even one with a worthy cause—is worth sacrificing that! Here are the top 5 least fattening Girl Scout cookie indulgences for your smart snacking pleasure.

Girl scout cookies

The top 5 least fattening Girl Scout cookieS


Thin Mints

For you chocolate fanatics, the Thin Mint is a must-have munch. Calorically, it’s not bad (160 calories per four-cookie serving), but it also packs 8 grams of fat and 120 mg of sodium per serving, so be sure to curb your cookie craving to just one serving (or less!).

2Trefoils (shortbread)

With the trefoil shortbread cookie, you get more bang for your buck when it comes to serving size—each five-cookie serving is 160 calories. So, if you can stop yourself at just one, you’ve only set yourself back 32 calories. However, these classic cookies are higher in fat (8 grams per serving) as well as sodium (115 mg per serving).

3Dulce de Leche

These tasty treasures are 160 calories and 8 grams of fat per four-cookie serving, but they make our list because they are considerably lower in sodium (65 mg) than some of the other choices.

4Thank U Berry Munch™

At 120 calories, 5 grams of fat, 75 mg of sodium, and 18 grams of carbohydrates per two-cookie serving, this is one of the smartest choices when Girl Scout cookie scavenging. It’s also fairly low in sugar (7 grams per serving), considering it’s a cookie!

5Do-si-dos® (Peanut Butter Sandwich)

This delightful dunker is 110 calories per two-cookie serving, but it’s lower in fat than many of the other choices (just 5 grams per serving) and way lower in sodium (75 mg) and carbohydrates (16 grams) than some of the other cookies.

While you are indulging in a little Girl Scout cookie snacking, try to limit the dietary damage you’re doing by following these tips:

Dunk with de-light

It might not be so much the cookies you are dunking that are kicking up your calorie intake, but rather the milk in which you are dunking those. So, kick your kids’ whole milk to the curb and instead wash down your sweets with some skim milk or light almond milk.

Stick to the serving

Yes, your man can down a box of Thin Mints without budging the scale an ounce, but you may not be so lucky. Remember, it’s okay to allow yourself a naughty indulgence every now and then. Just be sure to stick to the serving size, and that’s it!

Bag the boxes

Yes, it feels good to buy loads of Girl Scout cookies (especially if you have nieces, neighbors, and babysitters who all hock the sugary sweets), but do you really want to stock your pantry with those kinds of temptations? If you must buy them, bring them into your office or take them to a food shelter. Just get them out of sight…fast.

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