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DIY invitations for the big game

Forego the email and text message invites when you host a party for the big game. Instead, create your own clever invitations to put guests in the party mood before they even arrive!

Woman creating DIY football invitesThe design

Set the tone with a football-themed design:

  • Search the internet for photos and graphics of footballs, team logos, goal posts and other related images. Download and use the images to transform plain sheets of paper into festive invitations with game-related borders or watermarks.
  • Create a football-shaped card from heavy stock paper — use white or the colors of your favorite team.
  • Use green card stock and chalk to create a football field design. Or use black and go for the chalk talk look.
  • Make invitations look like game tickets. Download examples and use your computer to come up with your own creative ticket.

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Party details

Be sure to include the time, date and place of the party, of course, but don’t forget these other pertinent details:

  • What’s on the menu? List the foods and beverages you’ll be serving so guests know whether they should expect light refreshments or a full meal.
  • BYOB? Potluck? If everyone is expected to bring something for the good of the party, then politely let them know: “Bring your favorite dessert to share!” or “Bring your favorite beverage to share!”
  • No matter what kind of party you throw, some guests will fret about how to dress. Suggest dressing in team colors or a favorite jersey to take the pressure of the style worriers.
  • List info about games or activities planned. This is the best place to let guests know whether or not they should bring along the kids. If kids are invited, list their activities, too.
  • Remind guests that they’re invited to join in the fun whether they are football aficionados or have very little understanding of the game.

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Extra football stuff, just for fun

Build excitement for your party with these teaser ideas:

  • Football party invites Add a scorecard to each invitation and instruct guests to guess the final score and bring the cards to the party. Award a prize to the guest whose guess is closest.
  • Include previous big game trivia questions on the invitations. Share the answers at the party.
  • Stick a handful of game day-style confetti or glitter in the team colors in each invitation. When, weeks later, they’re still finding them on the floor around the house, your guests will be reminded of the fabulous time they had at your party!
  • Add a raffle ticket to each invitation. Draw a ticket at the party and one lucky guest wins a prize… or has to make a pre-game speech!
  • Photocopy and include a few pages from The Girlfriend’s Guide to Football by Teena Dickerson for guests who aren’t quite so football-savvy.

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Creative homemade invitations like these offer a glimpse of the fun to come and get your guests excited about the big game party.

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