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Bite-sized party food

Throwing a party for the big game? Serve bite-sized refreshments your guests can eat while they watch. But instead of settling for the same old stand-bys, try these fun little ideas.

Mini sandwiches

Anything you eat can be small, says Krystle Nicole Russin, author of The Non-Diet Real Cookbook: Easy Recipes to Stay Skinny Eating Anything You Want and Learn How to Cook! It’s an entirely new way to look at party food. Don’t do typical appetizer fare. Instead, suggests Russin, replicate the entree-type dishes you love at family gatherings, only smaller!


Make little sandwiches: cut bread into smaller pieces, add cheese and small toppings and seal with a toothpick. Voila! It’s a mini sandwich!

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Make a soup, but divide it into small containers, says Russin. Add the soup to kid-sized plastic cups, add a teaspoon of sour cream and decorate with a tiny mint leaf. It redefines the notion of a cup of soup!

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Make a salad by putting your favorite dressing in small cups like those used in the dentist’s office. Alternate layers of baby tomatoes, cheese cubes, ham, boiled egg. Guests can enjoy their baby salad with toothpicks!

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Make soft tacos. Guests love this game-time favorite, but tacos can be messy. Divide a regular soft shell taco into quarters or halves and stuff! Your little tacos will be a big hit!

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Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali, owners of Party Blueprints and authors of Plan to Party , suggest serving everthing “tailgate style.” Guests can enjoy the food in front of the television. “These simple yet stylish recipes can be prepared right before game time and will tackle the biggest of appetites,” say Sandomeno and Mascali.


Top flatbread with sliced mushrooms, garlic, basil and mozzarella cheese. Bake. Cut into four-inch bite-sized slices and serve!

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Greek salad skewers are fun and delicious. Alternate feta cheese cubes with cucumbers, tomatoes and olives. Drizzle olive oil over skewers, sprinkle with coarse salt and pepper to taste, and serve!

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Portion sizes are small, so food quality should be big, says Russin. “This is the moment to cook your mini Kobe beef burgers, top-grade smoked pork and other first-rate foods. Don’t skimp on quality because this is a time to celebrate.” Game on!

A party food favorite

Betty’s party cocktail meatballs recipe

In this video, Betty makes her wonderful party cocktail meatballs. These are little meatballs that are covered with a tangy sauce, and placed in a slow cooker until ready to serve with crackers. They’re great for game day!

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