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Creating the perfect party platter


Creating the perfect party platter is all about variety: a variety of foods to suit a variety of guests. Follow these expert tips to create an crowd-pleasing platter that will have guests coming back for more!

Know your guests

“It’s important to take all of your guests’ preferences and tastes in account,” says Irene St. Onge of 212-EVENTS, a catering and event company in New York City. “There should be at least one thing everyone will like.”

Make sure your house is safe for guests

Mix it up

“You want to get all the core food groups,” says Krystle Nicole Russin, author of The Non-Diet Real Cookbook: Easy Recipes to Stay Skinny Eating Anything You Want and Learn How to Cook! Yummy examples include:

  • a dairy-based dip with vegetables or even fried okra, mini meat or grilled cheese fajitas
  • sandwiches with cheese and sour cream and veggie toppings
  • several fruit-based dessert options, such as strawberry shortcake and ice cream with fruit and syrup

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Traditional, with a twist

St. Onge likes to offer one item two ways. She pleases some guests with classic beef-rice-cabbage pigs-in-a-blanket and offers up this fun twist “for the foodie crowd.”

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Piggy-back dates are made by taking pitted dried dates, stuffing them with goat cheese and wrapping them with prosciutto or bacon. After roasting for about 15 minutes, drizzle with some quality balsamic vinegar.

Make pigs in a blanket… with chicken

Buffalo wings with blue cheese and celery make up another classic big-game appetizer, but not everyone likes theirs the same way. “I like to have two separate batches: one mild and one hot,” says St. Onge. “I also serve extra hot sauce on the side for people who like theirs really fiery. If you know you’re party crowd is hot for wings, consider a party platter that includes nothing else: mild wings, hot wings, garlic wings, honey wings… you get the picture.”

You can make buffalo wings in a crockpot!

Think veggies. When talking about the big game, vegetables aren’t the first things that come to mind, but some of your guests may be vegetarians. “A crudité option is easy to put together,” says St. Onge, and it’s extra-special with an easy herb dip by that combines 1/2 cup mayo, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1 garlic clove, some lemon juice, fresh herbs and salt and pepper to taste. Delish!

So what makes a party platter perfect? The perfect platter is one that best suits your guests.

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