Cupcake Wars holiday episode recap

Dec 15, 2010 at 10:28 a.m. ET

With this Holiday season our television is dominated by holiday cooking, shopping and more cooking. Food Network's Cupcake Wars is no exception, season two premiere kicked off with four ladies who had to battle it out to present 1000 of their winning cupcakes at the Annual Hollywood & Highland Center Tree Lighting Ceremony, a big holiday coup for each of the contestant's, should they win.

For the first round, each contestant were challenged with making a cupcake containing three traditional holiday items; turkey, sweet potato with marshmallows and apple cider.

Rachel's Turkey Stuffing Cupcakes

Rachel Angeline, Cupcake Wars

So really, the ladies only had two ingredients to play with... Ho ho ho, or so we thought. No, Rachel Angeline of Sweet Rachel Desserts went with a turkey stuffing with eggnog frosting, and needless to say she was booted off after the first bite, turkey stuffing cupcake, bad Rachel, bad.

Nutmeg, Candy Canes & Nuts, Oh My!

Next up, the three remaining contestant's had a free for all, they had to make three different cupcakes each. As you guessed, with this holiday episode there was plenty of nutmeg, candy canes, eggnog, cranberries and nuts. Sounds so much better than a turkey cupcake doesn't it?

Patty Fallahee Gets the Cold Shoulder

Patty Fallahee, Cupcake Wars

All three judges seemed to like each of the cupcake makers cakes, just not a huge fan of the presentation, apparently something to do with stretching themselves... With that said, one got the cold shoulder and that was Patty Fallahee of The Spot Gourmet.

1000 Cupcakes in 2 Hours

And then there were two - with additional help in the form of four baking assistance and a carpenter each, they had to produce 1000 cupcakes - and they had two hours to do it. So, not only did they have to produce a massive amount of cupcakes they had to rely on a carpenter to create a cake stand.

With a near breakdown from Kyra Bussanich of Crave Bakeshop, both managed to produce all that was asked, with some impressive cupcake stands to boot.

Kyra's Beverage Cupcakes

Kyra Bussanich, Cupcake Wars

Bussanich created a bevvy of beverage cupcakes while Brenda DePonte of Sugar Bakery & Sweet Shop created a sleigh load of chocolate and peanut butter cakes.

Brenda's Gold Cupcakes Take the Gold

Brenda DePonte, Cupcake Wars

In the end the judges went with DePonte and her gold inspired cupcakes, she walked away with $10,000. Happy Holidays Brenda!

Have a go at Brenda's winning Chocolate Peanut Butter Ball Cupcake, recipe at Food Network.

Cupcake Wars is on the Food Network, Tuesday's at 9pm ET.

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