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Vegucating Robin

Cue the fart jokes! Robin Quivers, Howard Stern’s radio partner, has launched “Vegucating Robin” an online video series that shows Robin learning how to cook healthy, plant-based meals with a little help from hunky Gavan Murphy, aka The Healthy Irishman.

Gavan and Robin

Fans of Stern and Quivers are intimately familiar with her weight-loss and physical transformation since she started eating a vegan diet in 2007. It’s been a hot topic on Stern’s show ever since, along with her tales of colonics, coffee enemas, green drinks, juice fasts, marathons and so much more.

And while her new vegan diet led her to a rockin’ bod and glowing skin, she quickly realized she had no idea how to actually prepare any of the healthy foods she now enjoyed. “Vegucating Robin” takes viewers along for the laughs as she makes her way from kitchen novice to knowing how to make simple, healthy meals on her own.

In the first episode, Robin and Gavan make a delicious looking Cannellini Bean Concerto from 6 simple ingredients. It’s a doable dinner for a busy weeknight and doesn’t use a bunch of weird ingredients. Where do you get Seitan anyway?

Gavan offers good tips and recipes and Robin throws her broadcasting experience and willingness to laugh at herself into the pot.

So if you’re a vegan, or not, and are looking for a fun twist on cooking veggies and eating healthier, go ahead and check out “Vegucating Robin.” It’s way easier than the coffee enemas and green drinks!

Check out Vegucating Robin

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