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Delicious gluten-free Thanksgiving desserts

A gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner must include a few gluten-free desserts. Not sure what your options are? Check out our amazing gluten-free Thanksgiving dessert recipes and find one your whole family will love!

Gluten-free doesn’t have to mean taste-free, especially when it comes to Thanksgiving desserts. Many traditional Thanksgiving desserts can be made gluten-free with just a few simple substitutes. For example, replacing all-purpose white flour with rice flour or almond flour makes a once-toxic dessert tolerable (and delicious) for those with gluten allergies or Celiac disease.

Traditional pumpkin pie

gluten-free pumpkin pie Gluten-free Thanksgiving pumpkin pie

Try this gluten-free take on a Thanksgiving classic. It’s easy, fast and delicious for your last-minute Thanksgiving preparation.

Get the gluten-free Thanksgiving pumpkin pie recipe >>

Traditional pecan pie

gluten-free pecan pie thumb Gluten-free Thanksgiving pecan pie

Love pecan pie? Then you’ll love this delish gluten-free pecan pie. Not a baker? Don’t worry — it’s easier to make than you think!

Get the gluten-free Thanksgiving pecan pie recipe >>

chocolate pumpkin brownies

gluten-free dark chocolate pumpkin browniesGluten-free pumpkin brownies

Pumpkin and chocolate, in the same dessert? You bet your turkey bottom! This gluten-free Thanksgiving treat makes for a great after-turkey treat.

Get the gluten-free dark chocolate pumpkin brownie recipe >>

Having trouble finding a gluten-free pie crust to go along with these desserts? Try our customized gluten-free pie crust. >>

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