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Thanksgiving turkey recipes for the whole family

Still searching for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey recipe? Look no further — we’ve got you covered with some of the most scrumptious (and diverse) turkey recipes that every member of your family will love!

turkey thanksgiving

What do you think of when you think of Thanksgiving? Turkey, of course! Looking for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey recipe to satify your family this Thanksgiving? SheKnows has your Thanksgiving turkey recipes covered!

Turkey for two

Planning a small Thanksgiving this year? Check out these Thanksgiving turkey recipes custom designed for two, including a stuffed turkey breast, slow cooker turkey and roasted herbed turkey recipes!

Check out the turkey for two recipe >>

3 Delicious turkey brines

Brining is one of the best ways to inject flavor into a turkey. Here are three brines for your turkey, including an American-style brine, a Tex-Mex brine and a New England brine.

Add flavor to your turkey with one of these turkey brine recipes >>

Deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey

Deep fry your turkey this Thanksgiving! Now is the time to splurge on calories! Check out this special Thanksgiving turkey recipe for an alternative treat.

Gobble onto this deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey >>

Asian style roast turkey

Want a little international flair this Thanksgiving? Get it with this Asian-inspired Thanksgiving turkey recipe.

Asian style roast turkey – no chopsticks needed! >>

Orange chile roasted turkey

Give your turkey a little extra kick with this orange chile roasted turkey Thanksgiving recipe. The spice lovers in your life will thank you.

Check out the orange chile roasted turkey recipe >>

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