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Cranberry sauce recipes

Cranberry sauce is the highlight of the side dishes we serve at Thanksgiving, in our opinion. Heck, we even love it straight from the can. But this year, we’ve decided to be a bit more grown-up about our cranberry sauce and try a couple of these amazing cranberry sauce recipes.

Cranberry sauce is a staple at the Thanksgiving, Christmas and holiday table. There are so many easy cranberry sauce recipes, we’re highlighting a few of our faves for you to try. Cranberries are also a healthy addition to your table — check out the health benefits of cranberries. It’s not too late to ditch the canned cranberry sauce and try your own homemade cranberry sauce this year!

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Try this classic cranberry sauce recipes

fresh cranberry sauceFresh cranberry sauce

Try this homemade cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries. It’s easy and fast to make and is a great alternative to canned cranberry sauce!

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Try these cranberry sauce recipe alternatives

Cranberry chutney recipeCranberry Chutney

Serve this sweet, tangy side with grilled, baked and broiled meats, especially turkey at Thanksgiving! It’s great slathered on your favorite sandwich, too, or used as a dip for waffles.

Get the cranberry chutney recipe or go even easier with microwave cranberry chutney >>


Cranberry sauce with brandySpiked cranberry sauce

This deluxe cranberry sauce is spiked with a bit of brandy and dotted with tangy pieces of orange. It gets better with age and makes a wonderful gift when ladled into glass jars.

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Blueberry cranberry sauceBlueberry cranberry sauce

If you aren’t a fan of the tartness of cranberry sauce, try this blueberry and cranberry relish recipe.

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More cranberry recipes for Thanksgiving

Gluten free cranberry rice stuffingGluten-free cranberry rice stuffing

This cranberry-rice stuffing is completely wheat and gluten free if you are trying to accommodate a guest with wheat allergies or celiac disease.

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cranberry butterCranberry butter
Cranberry butter is a tasty twist on traditional cranberry sauce. It can be served alongside your favorite holiday rolls or biscuits, and makes a great topping for pancakes or waffles, too.

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Cranberry dessert recipes

Cranbery maple baked applesCranberry maple baked apples

Apples and cranberries are staples of Thanksgiving, Christmas and holiday menus. Try this twist on baked apples for a healthy dessert your guests will remember. It’s a creative alternative for cranberry sauce, too!

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Cranberry orange bread recipeCranberry orange bread

This classic holiday dish is great alongside turkey and stuffing or for breakfast the next day. Try it with cranberry butter or a powdered sugar glaze.

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